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  1. vejichan Regular From New york
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    New Member From usa
  4. bjjman Regular From Sydney, Australia
  5. crunchcity

    New Member From WNY
  6. mmr007

    (anti)Social Influencer From SoCal
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  7. død Regular 32 From Oslo
  8. coupe89 Regular 40 From PEI
  9. PuriPuriPrisoner Regular From Cleveland, OH
  10. eaeolian

    Pictures of guitars I don't even own anymore! 55 From Woodbridge, VA
  11. Dekay82

    I WANT the fret nibs From New York, NY
  12. Jinn Regular
  13. bloodocean Regular 41
  14. MFB

    Banned From Boston, MA
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  15. neurosis Regular From Virginia
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  16. Legion

    Slightly cynical, mostly okay, completely drunk. From San Diego, CA
  17. rokket2005 Regular From Minnesota
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  18. Kaura

    matching headstock fetishist 27 From Vantaa, Finland
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  19. jephjacques

    BUTTS LOL From Halifax, NS
  20. Wildebeest Regular From Earth

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