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  • Thanks man, yeah the Ryan Shuck guitar was actually really awesome. Played and sounded great. I just couldn't play it live due to threats from my bandmate :lol:
    Hey Vic.. just checked out your myspace profile.. awesome guitar collection! Love the Bernie Rico V's and the flametop S7420. And was shocked as hell when I spotted that Yamaha Ryan Shuck AES.. you're the first person i've seen with one of those!
    Things are going well so far man, thanks. Working real hard everyday, making good progress. It's been quite a ride but it's been worth it :)
    good to hear, be sure to let me know when its up and running, I might just have to buy a pair of blackouts off you around Christmas time (and if I can sell my EMG's). Hows business going otherwise?
    I've been working on it constantly, just 'behind the scenes'. It's actually VERY close to going live :metal:
    hey, great news about caparison! congrats. after reading about your store i felt obligated to send them an email telling them that you should be a dealer. i'd like to think i helped hahaha. good luck with the store. i'll see if i can take a trip out there sometime.
    cheers for the offer! It's shipping with blackouts :agreed: and judging by the tag under your username ;) lol.

    I have a Blaze 7 bridge i bought off Scott for the C7 that now needs a new home.. prolly gonna put it up on here or talk Aaron into it haha.

    glad to hear all's well. oh and tonight was petarded hehe
    gettin ready to go out for a friend's bday gathering :drew: haha.

    done school :) started packin and cleaning already, leaving on sunday. hopefully i wont get home tooo late, and have some time to see people (haha.. someone) before monday.

    got some good grades :). got a 3pc band ready for the summer :D some of my good buddies so im stoked as all get out.

    the DC727 ships next week :yesway: so I won't be sevenless too long haha. still need a mic stand and GT-8 though..

    Cancer Bats tomorrow night, should be good!

    yup, things are good lol
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