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  • More than anything, I have to thanks SSO.org for making me find Nick and the Axe Palace.
    Thank you for the Custom shop ESP, best brand new guitar purchase I’ve ever had, especially rare ESP CS - which wouldve taken another 8 months to order. Do not hesitate to work with them- BUY YOUR TRULY GENUINE AND AUTHENTIC GEAR FROM THE AXE PALACE! (Below is my review)
    Hey nick. Want to play melodeath, prog, and the occasional djent on my basswood guitar.

    What bkps would you suggest?
    Hey Nick, I've been reading everything I can on the D Sonic 7(read your review on nice job btw), and am pretty sure that's what I want to go with for my Rg1527 but I'm getting conflicting info about whether I can have it installed without routing. Can you confirm either way.

    Thanks man, I appreciate any help.
    hey man, sorry i don't get to login here much anymore. do you still need assistance?
    Yes I do still need some help actually. I'm looking to replace the Blaze in the bridge of my 1527. Having trouble figuring out which to get. The pups I'm currently looking at for the bridge are the Ionizer, Illuminator, Titan, and Imperiums. I'm not playing djent or leads, pretty much a rhythm guy. I want versatility, clarity for big chords under hi to mid gain, and nice chunk. What would you recommend?
    Thanks man.
    Hi Zimbloth, im from chile, a friend tell me he buy a dimarzio set Crunch Lab/ liquid fire (6 strings, black and nickel f spaced) and shipping to chile, can you sell me this set and send to my country? I have a suite nro in miami, so is another option to send the pick ups.... please if this is posible write me and email with price and type of payment.... western union was the payment my friends do last time.... my email [email protected] best regards.
    Sorry for the late reply dude I haven't been active on music for quite a while. I don't have any budget idea yet but I intend to get the best possible 'coz I'm planning to use it for it's lifetime duration and I don't wanna regret getting the wrong one so if you could please help me out it'll be much appreciated.
    Hey man, I hear you're the guy to talk to for BKP's. I have a DC7X that currently has a Cold Sweat bridge and a Nailbomb neck. I wouldn't have went with that setup, but it was that way when I got it. I absolutely adore the Nailbomb, but i'm just not digging the Cold Sweat at all. I was thinking about a ceramic Nailbomb for the bridge but I thought i'd ask for some professional advice first. I'll be ordering through the Axe Palace.
    I filled out the custom order form so i got an idea of what it will cost when i get ready to make my order il call to get the color right. I'm going with mahogany body. Is their a neck wood you would recommend? And what pickups would you recommend? I thought about going passives instead of EMGs.
    Okay il fill it out on your website. If you think mahogany would be better that's what I'll go with cause i trust your opinion. I think mahogany would sound better too
    Hey Nick i had a few questions to ask about ordering a custom shop Dean RC7 through you when tax money comes in. How much would one with your ultra violet paint job but With a basswood body and maple neck, ebony board with cooley inlays and two pickups? Thank you for any help and advice.
    Hey Nick I just saw the add in your website about the special run of the PRS SE, I was getting really interested into the SE custom 24 30 anniversary limited run and doing search I found yours.

    so as far as I could tell the difference between those and yours is the quilt top vs flame and that yours have white binding instead of cream/ivory, and the inlays ofcourse. Is that it or Im missing something??. I also guess your run comes with a mapple top and figure veneer too?

    is the blue one you offer comes with black on the back of the guitar and neck too?

    also whats the options for the 7?, blue or green?
    Hi dude! I just wanna ask you what's the righteous amp. head and cab. to grab. I'm using 6 for power/thrash and 7 for deathcore and both wearing passive pick-ups. I need the amp and cab that suits all the genre that I'm playing 'coz I don't wanna end up grabbing two sets of amp and cab.
    Hey dude.. I have a question about the size of the Lundgren M8.. trying to find a good fit for my Ibby S8.. Ethan from Instrumental recomended I go with these as apparently the size is more of a better fit. Not sure if you have experience with the size of the SFTY3 in comparisoin to the M8s.. anyway just wanted to get some input before i make a purcahse.
    Thanks! Placed an order last night for an M6 set, and just decided to finish up the HSH by grabbing a Lundgren middle pup as well!
    Hi Nick. Does the Lundgren M6 come f-spaced? And have you got one in stock?
    Hi, Nick. My guitar is a 7 string 27inch with swamp ash body and maple neck. Currently searching for a bare knuckle pickup, mainly playing death/brutal death/technical death/djent music. Could you be so kind to recommond a BKP for me. In general, I do NOT want to too bright tone, but I need clarity and fast response of bottom end. Tks so much!
    Hi Nick,

    I sent you a PM a week ago or so. Could you please get back to me?

    Hey Nick,

    First I would like to thank you for your time.

    I've got a pickup inquiry, if I may.

    I have an Ibanez UV777BK from 2003 with its stock pickups, Blaze-II.

    I've decided to purchase a new Bridge pickup and am trying to make up my mind.

    This guitar I use mainly for Thrash Metal with maybe a little Death Metal in it, along the lines of Testament, Exodus, Havok, Lazarus AD, Overkill, Sadus, etc.

    I run this guitar through a Vox Tonelab SE but this might change in the future as I'm considering going analog.

    My amp is a 300W Randall Vmax.

    This guitar has a Basswood body.

    I think I've narrowed it down to the Seymour Duncan Distortion or a Bare Knuckle Warpig, but then again, I'd rather get an expert's opinion.

    I want my 7th string riffs to sound defined and not so muddy, which is what I'm getting from the Blaze IIs. Not sure if it's just me not setting things up correctly with my gear or if the current pickups just don't cut it for me.

    Hey what would you say is a better pickup for me. Im looking at either getting the dimarzio titans or the bkp juggs. I like to play prog, djent, jazz, and indie.
    Hi Nick, Just wondering if you have any shipping info on the pickups?
    Still no sign of them here on my end more than 4 weeks after you sent them again.
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