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  • We'll see. The issue you run into is that a lot of trustworthy members enjoy OT discussions and we make an effort to respect that but the unfortunate thing is that there are a lot of people who abuse that respect, and that's how threads get closed and privileges get taken away.

    TBH, I don't think anything's changed since you were last here. It's kind of hold-over stuff from the first exodus. Mischa's heart was in the right place (as it always is), but staging a revolt is one thing and coordinating it with extracting people to somewhere else is another. That's just not the way you get things fixed. If they were fed up with this place, they could've left silently.
    Myself, MaxOfMetal and Technomancer are the new mods. has changed in a lot of ways and beyond the interest of a lot of the older guys, so I don't think it's unreasonable for them to prefer going elsewhere. For myself, I'm used to the way things are here now, so I still enjoy being here. Most of the people I know who ended up elsewhere, I talk to offline or on IM anyway.
    I appreciate you saying that, man. It's an honor. :)

    I believe Mischa's ban was for a month. Whether or not he and the rest of the 7H guys decide to comeback has yet to be seen, but of course we'd be glad to have them back (as long as they behave. :D).
    Groff and I have matching ones. It's a little clip from an episode of the Angry Video Game Nerd and they're dancing to the pause music from Battletoads:

    The whole episode is hilarious but the clip is from 3:49

    YouTube - BATTLETOADS - NES Review - Angry Video Game Nerd -
    Most excellent. It's gotta be a trip working with such tits equipment. I'll keep my eye open for that episode also... see if I can pick out your mug. :p
    Woah. So what do they teach in Music Technology/Production school? I'm intrigued! Also, if you find the specific scene that you appear in, lemme know... that'd be a riot! :metal:
    Not bad, not bad. Working on a new geeeeetar. Will post pics soon!

    What's been up, brodda'?
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