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  • Thats good. I had to take some time off playing as well. I have arthritis in my hands and sometimes when its cold out my hands have a hard time working right and its painfull. But besides that I have been trying to play as much as I can right now. Thinking of starting a band back up again but i'm just giving it a thought.
    I'll make a note of that. ;)

    I also have a Mountain Dew Green Virgin waiting to be wetsanded... pictures shall follow. :metal:
    LOADS! :lol:

    Working on refinishing my brother-in-law's 7420, one of three ways:

    :rofl: He is 4-0 since the allstar break with a 1.24 era :D

    Yeah yankees are about to take the gas pipe.
    Hello Paul Byrd :fawk: How is the Yankees pitching doing btw? I see the Yankees starting to fade. :agreed:
    The ammount of commercials are annoying, yes.

    ...I don't know man... The girl from the progressive commercials... I'd hit it... Two times.
    I saved a bunch of money on my motorcycle insurance by not switching to Geico.
    I happen to be very progressive, myself... actually I even have Progressive insurance as well.

    Actually I, also, have Allstate. President Palmer knows how to fuckin' sell.

    As an aside...

    What's the technical term for what I'm thinking here... hold on....


    OH YEAH!

    ahhhh, another Rush fan...I just saw them a couple of months ago in Miami...Totally awesome...especially those rotisserie chickens
    Well we better get off our butts and make sure we see them before it's to late and we regret not seeing them.
    Yeah... it's really tough. The hardest part, so far, is just finding something to occupy the time we used to spend together. Well, on the upside, I could spend the time finally getting some recording done. :idea:
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