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  • Hi Priestess :] Indeed, it's nice to see other girls on here.
    And there can never be enough pink guitars!
    I'll be looking out for your New Gear Day :agreed: !!

    lol well i have known the guy for a little while. he gets all his material from me! j/k actually he has common sense enough to hold back a little most of the time vs me who often takes it to far!
    You have a deal. :agreed:

    Speaking of which, I'm ready to get started on that when you are. :metal:
    :lol: That's true. Maybe for your next guitar, we'll make a tribute to your acoustic and put a set of frets on an unaltered redwood tree trunk.

    I hear the tone is 'teh br00talz djentz OMG LOL!!1!'
    :lol: While I'll admit that I'm a little psyched about getting my grubby paws on it, I'm mostly excited to get you playing it.
    That was a big part of my thinking, too. I know you've handled bigger necks than that before, but since this is going to be your main axe, it might as well be super comfortable for you to get used to. I'm really excited.
    No problem, babe. You need a killer axe and I just wanted to make sure you got the hook up. :D

    And yes... you need that Orange. I can't say I won't be sneaking in a little bit of time on that monster while you're not looking, though. :evil:
    No worries:yesway: From what I'm told it was originally supposed to be a Warhammer game but the devs lost the license, so they just changed the names and graphics a bit and threw it on the shelves. Makes sense to me. It's a good effort but doesn't quite hit the spot.
    You know, awful as that song is... I still chuckle everytime I watch it. Especially when they go "EAT IT! EAT IT! EAT IT! EAT IT!"
    I've always had a kinda 'hot zombie' aura going on. Not sure if it's my frozen expressions or the stench of rotting flesh that follows me around from place to place.

    Damn, I'm hungry all the sudden. :yum:
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