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  • Being pecked to death is a nightmare if I've ever heard one. But at least they're adorable.
    Fear my 'pew-pew' lasers.

    I don't know if the Coheed tour came around to your neck of the woods yet, but they played here last night (Tuesday) and the show is definitely awesome, but could've been just cause it was my first Coheed show.

    The openers sucked possibly due to bad sound and mix, but Circa Survive and Coheed were stunning
    Firstly, thank you. :)

    Seconds, that's the wall in our kitchen facing the the living room. If you look to the bottom left, you can make out the stove. That's the only wall I left unpainted because I had to still finish sanding and plastering the doorway.
    Definitely, but this one isn't a NJ series its one of those 'platinum' series bc richs'. But according to Randy I should be just fine, and I definitely want to take a shot at painting it. :D
    Yes, his Virgin N7 is very nice :yum:
    It inspired me to look for something different..which I did, but that kinda went full circle and I ended up wanting one:lol:
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