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  • Hey, are you still making nuts for multi scales? I need one for the Jackson SLAT7-FF in my profile pic. 25.5-27 scale with a 1.875 much shipped to the United States (Mount Sterling, KY - 40353)
    Another factor coming from experience with the prototype - which had the high A at 22" - is that while the high A performs very nicely now that the guitar has woken up some after 2 years, the high B and E strings have very lousy intonation in the upper register, so many high chords are out of tune. I seriously want to avoid this on the next build, and so it seems appropriate to go with the longest possible high A in order that the other trebles should be longer too and therefore better in tune.

    The basis of my decision on the low F# to go with 720mm (28-3/8") is because of the very poor performance of the F# on the prototype at 26-3/4". I sort of consider 700mm (27-9/16") but I am dubious. The present drawing reduces the fan to 4-1/16", and improvement over the 4-3/4 of the prototype.

    Thanks as ever for all your feedback.
    PS 4-4-19: The intonation issue on the 2013 build could have been solved by saddle compensation (won't elaborate here); on the 2016 build, I widened the saddle slot to 4mm and compensated every string. It plays in tune very well up to the 12th fret now. Chords above the 12th fret are generally sour but single notes I can pull into tune.
    I didn't compensate the 2013 saddle because due to multiple design flaws I would rather replace the whole bridge, and that begs (now!) more a new design with individual adjustable saddles for each string.
    Ethereal: thanks for the feedback. The high A: I really feel that the best length for the string alone might be 600mm, or 23-5/8". However, this makes a 12 centimeter (4-3/4") fan which on the prototype is starting to seem excessive. I do agree that 23" even ()580mm is very good (my duo partner has precisely that on her straight fret 7)), but it is not compatible with the long fan-stretch to the low F#. Most Brahms-Guitar type 8 string players are going with between 615 and 630mm (24-1/4 - 243/4") and not complaining too much, although they do complain about the weak string and the breakage.
    As a matter of experience now, fluorocarbon does not offer any advantage over nylon although it is workable.

    to be cont...
    Hey Etherial, What's your latest and most current opinion on lengths of high and low strings on your fanned nylons? I am planning another build now after two years, acoustic classical tuned A4 down to F#1 (I think those are the right numbers), and am leaning toward 62 c to 72 c (in inches, about 24.4 - 28.3). Drawings are looking good, I'm very excited .... (ER, gotta coupla grand to lend me?... no? oh well, your advice is always welcome and you helped me out a lot with the prototype two years ago, which I have now converted to an 8 as the low F# didn't cut it).

    thanks! jack
    Hey man, I was curious if you could help me out with string tension. I'm getting a multiscale 7 string (27/25.5) to be set up for drop A. If I am a fan of 10-46 in standard E(25.5 scale) then what would be a suitable set? :)

    Thanks man!
    By the way do you know crimson guitars? and do you know anyone in the uk who would be willing to build my eleven string? I have been trying to get a quote from them, If I just got a neck and fingerboard from them, then I could fret it myself. .
    hey what woods would you recomend for this build, bear in mind I am not the richest fellow.

    how much did you pay for your oni? the big fann one.?
    Hey I was wondering if I could get some advice as a guy new to this lutiery stuff.
    Hahahaha whoops! I was wondering why I couldn't find a thread :lol: I can understand hundreds, it's gonna be nearly £40 for three flipping sets, unbelievable! :lol: No problem dude :)
    Hey mate

    From what I've seen you're the guy who tends to co-ordinate SSO UK buys from Circle K to get the bulk savings, I'm gonna be ordering over the weekend to send on to Rusti in Italy to string up my in-progress 8 string with and was wondering if you were running low and wanted to get in on this, along with anyone else who usually does.
    As a string tension aficionado, I thought you would find this.. interesting.
    Carvin DC800 8 String Guitar | eBay
    Living in Lincolnshire now, it's flat and boring, and some of the locals seem inbred, but it's peaceful and good for cycling. Not sure I could go back to the hustle and bustle of a town haha
    Dude, just saw your profile where you're located, I used to live in Westcliff in Southend. Haven't been back for a few years now though :/
    FATHER TOM! I need your string knowledge. I think I know what I need, but I wanted to confirm. I just bought a Ibanez SR305 with a 34" scale and want to tune to Drop A. What strings would you recommend good sir?
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