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  • Hey man! Just out of curiosity, how is that easternfacingwillow's work? I've seen his other stuff and just never really dug his wood selections. I wasn't thinking about getting that ... thing. I'd rather build my own! Just wanted to know your experience.
    Yup. CA- cyano-acryllic glue. Also superglue, which makes it sound kind of heroic, or crazy glue, which makes it sound like a serial killer's glue. Thinned down and let soak in, but not built up on top of, it stabilizes the weak wood structure. I also use Minwax wood hardener (heehee!) which is thin and works really well, but is also super-fumey!
    Also, hey man, I've been meaning to get back to you- but the more I've been reading up on the carbon fiber stuff, the more I realize I am not prepared to take a project like that on. That seems like a skill that takes some experience before getting it just right.
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