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    It's official, a """Pantera reunion""" is happening.

    I think the bigger issue isn't what someone likes or dislikes/disagrees with etc. I see the bigger issue being more of how quick people are to fucking judge someone. Maybe I'm ignorant to it, but I've never heard of celtic/Nordic any-ic being racist. Sure, tacky as fuck IMO, but others may think...
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    The Digitech GSP1101 thread.

    Tuner works. Like others have mentioned, not the fastest, but still good. And it does display on the Control 2. I didn't have the Replifex but i did have the Intellifex and the GSP rivaled it just fine. If a new version of the 1101 would come out with today's "standards" in preamps i'd be...
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    It was only a matter of time....Archetype Rabea. Ok then

    Based off a Line 6 Spider
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    Anybody wanna record a solo over a song I'm struggling to complete?

    Here ya go man, improvised the whole thing but i like how it turned out;
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    Putting on the old pair of boots...

    And of course, when that old pair of boots is my 5150 tone in the PODGo, it fits just as good as the day i got it :lol: I got the wild hair to crack this patch back out, tweak it just a fuzz and make a distorted bass tone as well Here's the specs from the Go; Guitars; Noise Gate (NS-2 sim)...
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    Switching DAWs - getting a good deal on a DAW

    I leave these on all the time on the master bus. YMMV, but I've always had better results setting the master bus how it will be for the finished product at the beginning vs after mixing. Sure, after you mix you'll need to watch your compression to make sure it's not pumping too much (unless...
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    Switching DAWs - getting a good deal on a DAW

    For the compresser, i just aim to cut no more than about -4db on the meter. As for the Louderizer, it just monitors the LUFS for the track. Depending on what its for, i'll adjust the ReaLimit to get the volume where it wont be clipping. Google is your friend here. If i remember right, CD...
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    Switching DAWs - getting a good deal on a DAW

    Reaper is the GOAT. And agreed, I've used it since 2009 and STILL learn new things about it. And with the Reaper v6 and up you get as good of plugins in the Rea set as many commercial plugins. My main mastering plugins used to be Fab Pro L2, and the SSL Bus Comp. The last few months I've been...
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    Another NeuralDSP plugin incoming

    Different line but I've always said one of the most brutal sounds that can be had came from an unboosted LePou LeGion sim and good IR. Fight me.
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    Pickup comparison! (JB, Nazgul, Distortion, EMG81, EMG81tw & Fishman Fluence Modern)

    When you get some time Jon, check out the thread i put in the gear section( Yesterday i swapped out a DiMarzio D Activator x for the D Activator set and did a few comparison tracks. Same...
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    DiMarzio D Activator / D Activator X comparison

    You should give the neck pickup a try as well. The D Activator for the neck is the absolute best neck pickup i've ever tried. I can't say enough good things about it. If i ever decide to try a new bridge pup, the d activator will stay in the neck for sure. Most neck pickups to my ears sound...
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    DiMarzio D Activator / D Activator X comparison

    Thanks dude! It's nothing special at all man. I dont have any EQ blocks added to the POD, i just use a low/hipass filter on the guitar bus track to carve out the nasty frequencies. The best block bar far is the IR. I use the York Audio FDMN pack, V30 CNT for rhythm tones and for leads i just...
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    DiMarzio D Activator / D Activator X comparison

    Thanks dude! It is the Placater Dirty amp block. No boost in the chain, HBE on, Saturation OFF and a compressor at the end before the guitar to give it more sustain.