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  • i can hear the track that i record now. i check the output in vst connection. but when i add fx in my track i.e guitar rig. the track doesn't make sound anymore i've check all the buttions too
    hey buddy you have comment in one of my thread that you have fast track. please help me. i've just bought it. when i use it with guitar rig(via standalone) it work but when i use it as a fx in my daw i doesnt make any sound,i've on the direct monitor too. p.s when i record a track in my daw, i cant hear when i press playback i can hear only when i changed my driver into asio4all from m-audio? please help.
    Im not sure dude, that would be the first thing i would check. Also, did your friend wire your pup for you? There's a good chance that you could've had some wires laying loose in there when you adjusted the pup and the screw actually went through the wiring itself. Also, i gotta ask the boneheaded lol, are you sure the battery just isnt dead?
    dude i just read your thread about "ground problem", i got almost same problem. but mine little bit extreme. My pickup is EMG 81 bought from my friend. after a year i want to adjust the level screws to get better clarity. i adjust the level screws until touched the wood. the next thing happen is, my pup went dead. it sounded "trrrtt" even if i hit the string nothing happen. i already check all the wiring stuff, everything was fine. is this all about the ground ? please help me dude.. thx before
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