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  • Do you know the band that did that "Alien Angel" video you posted to Nick's fingerpicking thread?

    EDIT: Tracked it down: "3" Should have caught it in the video, but didn't realize that the big "3" at the bigining was the band's logo.
    That's what I figured it was. Just figured this place would be decidedly anti-greek, more shocked nobody has given you crap for it. I was in one too just not many of them around besides "Big Phi" who is in the musician fraternity.
    Damn! I just now saw this. We just played Brick By Brick this past Saturday. It was a fun show for sure. I'll hit you up for the next one.
    Yeah, I play in a band called Under The Stone. Nothing fancy, just good tunes and good times.
    hey man, that's awesome that you and your guitar teacher like Traces :yesway:

    we're currently doing what we can to get the album rolling along, it's about 95% written at the moment and we're looking to record some pro sounding demos to keep people in the loop so hopefully early in the new year.

    expect springtime :cheers:
    Hah, you're not the first person to say that. I didn't even notice the resemblance till people started saying so.
    I feel ya man, I've been getting it since I was 18 so I too get tired of it. :lol: I've been working since I was 12 (granted, back then I was making like $15 for 5 hours of work, but working nonetheless) so I have a pretty strong work ethic and I'd like to think it made me a better person as I appreciate all the neat stuff I have to play around with. :lol: I just get tired of the whole argument and it gets posted WAY too often around here, really not necessary and the outcome is always the same.... people get mad and a lot of times IGNORE their previous posting history which makes them look like an idiot. :shrug: I just shrug it off, but the argument itself is both funny and annoying at the same time! :rofl:

    Work hard, study in school, get a good job, get nice gear, enjoy life. Pretty simple concept eh? :wub:
    Hey man.. posted all of Dino's FF albums - covers on youtube if you would like to check them out :lol:
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