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  • Hey, dude. You got the tron keyboard set right? Just wanted to let you know, if you need to give it a good cleaning, all the keys pop off really easily. Had ginger ale explode all over mine and a few keys got overly sticky from the gunk collecting on the sides of the keys. Gave it a good cleaning, good as new now :D
    Me and the old drummer of ever forthright (jay lomanto) been working on an extreme metal/djent project. got 9 tracks done, just cant find members to complete the line up. cant find a good bassist or another guitarist. im not a super tech musician but the music is kind of nutty on top of using danza tuning so its been a challenge.
    Ive given up hope finding another 8 for my project lol.
    Im on the north shore...overall we did ok. Did you get hammered? I know you are much more south.
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