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    Had enough of unpleasant messages. Bye

    Had enough of unpleasant messages. Bye
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    We're about to kick the drummer out of our band and I feel bad about it

    Yeah, life can be tough, both for the ones getting canned and those doing the caning.. Based on the OP's in-depth explanations, I believe the band is doing the right thing. Kind of reminds me of my days in skydiving, where we'd get sacked after just one or two jumps when not performing to the...
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    I found myself a fairly rare acousti-fiddle

    Are the pics cheating me, or is the neck wider than on most other acoustics? What's the full neck width at the nut, and string 1 to 6? If wider, this would be interesting, cos I do not like narrow necks..
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    Have you ever had an occult/supernatural experience?

    I swear, I wrote the text, pressed Post once, and if two identical entries ain't occult in a topic like this, I do not know what is :spock:
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    Have you ever had an occult/supernatural experience?

    well.. I've been to church..
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    Have you ever had an occult/supernatural experience?

    well.. I've been to church..
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    Best retro games?

    Tempest (the one with the program error that could be hacked while playing) and Tron :agreed: And of course those big Star Wars machines you'd sit in. Old-school vector graphics rules! It's all about creating illusions in the mind.
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    Dealing with work related stress?

    Oh boy, a well known situation - I tried going fully down from work related stress. I understand your fear of loosing the job, but doing everything to keep a job like described, just isn't worth the aftermath from potentially snapping. Learning to handle bullying types is hardcore studies into...
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    Solar Guitars by Ola Englund

    Well, they may look like so many other axes in the market; I have no detailed info on how they might be better crafted than others. However, I really like seeing (on most models) the volume knob placed for pinky swellings, and the pup switch placed away from knobs so one actually can do fast...
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    PA Speaker for Axe-Fx/Kemper? (Nov 2017)

    Maybe useful, maybe not, but try looking at American Audio speakers. They had a [discontinued, cheap used] version featuring a 10"woofer + a 1" compression driver, delivering good results - if you're aiming at sounds for your stage works, not empowering the audience ;) 150 watts for the woofer...
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    Tax Bill about to Pass (actually matters)

    I do not specifically follow this taxation debate in the US, but just would like to add that we're seemingly seeing concerted efforts internationally on reducing taxation on the rich on behalf of the less fortunate. Here in Denmark, a limited number of month ago, a related set of mechanisms...
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    NGD Fan Fret Harley Benton!

    Those HB's looks quite good; I'm getting interested, and can only hope they'll serve well enough as Ibby/Agile hybrids.. Say.. extra space around passives.. that's a job for that 3D printer you always wanted ;) (which you can afford now that you just saved $2500 down from a high-end axe)
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    NGD: Caprice Redwood Hollowbody [Vik Content]

    I really love the looks of this one, very stylish :agreed: Gold plated hardware is a total fit to those woods. The low string saddle looks like it could scratch the skin when palm muting. Wrong? Could we have a few sound clips, pretty please..? Now, a seven string version would be real sex to me ;)
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    MIDI via USB devices

    Anyone having experience running MDI over a USB connection? I've been looking into building a compact 2U 19" rig comprising an ADA MP2 and a Lexicon Vortex (for solo delays), and will need a compact device for reverbs, delays and a few more effects. Now, several compact devices exists on the...
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    Just how do you keep doing this? ;) Good to see your hand can work wonders again :agreed: