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  • That would be him, Jim. I dont want to trash talk him because he is an incredibly nice guy and really did try his hardest. But he's no longer the tech he's a salesperson now.
    I've heard the new new guy who just got hired is really good at least. But I have yet to see myself. Just not wiring the stuff the way he should have. He told me it was done twice and both times I took it home because I was always too stupid to try in store and then had no sound. So eventually I just took it home and did it myself haha. Just a simple EMG install too
    They've had some tech issues over the past few years which is alot of it I think. Since the in store tech does all the setups, however the last one screwed up wiring 2 of my guitars and setting up 3 of mine and a good friend of mines. The only reason I went to him was for my employee discount (which was absurdly nice when i had it) but other than that i wouldnt trust the in store techs with anything.
    yeah all we get here are 7321's and the occasional arz307. That orange one though is the 2nd one they've had, the first one was amazing because it was actually set up but unfortunately they are terrible at setting things up in our store haha
    Ahh gotcha, dont get me wrong im there all the time because im friends with everybody there pretty much but no longer employed. I just wish they'd get in some more 7's and maybe an 8. But after months of convincing I did get the store manager to bring in a few prestiges haha
    Yeah I worked there for about 6 months until I went back to my old job. Was just temporary while my buddy was on tour hah
    Nothing to worry about man, it happens all the time. :yesway:

    Yeah, the forum search needs a serious overhaul. It's best to always use Google.
    damn dude. thread closed in 2 min. that may be a new record. but im in full agreement with you! more 7 string acoustics!
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