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  • Hey thanks brother! I like it so far. Been here since July 23rd so thats almost 6 months now. By the way, July is a terrible time to come out here if you work outside all day hahaha. I know nothing about any of those places at all though!
    It has really been... I didn't know you had taken a break from med school, what were you doing with the governmen?

    New with me... I have finally found a subject that I want to major in (history), and I'm planning doing it post-grad as well, moved to a much neighbourhood, ans I have finally upgraded my rig.
    After watching the video, here is my assessment of the claims put forward towards the end:
    -Yes, a politician thought that it was racist to expel the rapists, as that would be us "putting the problem somewhere else". I follow the logic, but I don't agree with the conclusion.
    -Yes, there has been problems at living quarters for asylum seekers. It has been attributed to PTSD among the asylum seekers (it has also been said in the anti-racist movement that this violence is a justified reaction to the deep-seated and structural racism of the Swedes). I'm personally skeptical, as it happens too frequently to be explained by PTSD, and I don't buy the structural argument as immigrants without an axe to grind persists in that Swedes are not very racist at all, usually the contrary actually.
    -Yes, asylum seekers do get generous hand-outs. No, I don't agree with that policy, and people are starting to turn against this huge money pit that the Swedish immigrational system has become.
    I should also add that the Swede in general is obsessed with being seen as a "good person", and is absolutely terrified of being called a racist.
    It's unfortunately very complicated (and this case in particular is regrettably far too true), but it boils down to some fundamentals:
    1. Sweden is very influenced by the post-modern "anti-racist movement" (not to be confused with people just not being racists)
    2. The Swedish media is very influenced by this movement
    3. Because of this, all attempts on bringing some sanity into our refugee policies are met with vicious attacks from the media, and is very soon branded as extremely racist. I define sanity here as maybe not accepting all refugees coming here, and do some age checks on people coming here as "alone refugee children", as some has been reported to have quite glorious moustaches. Any medical age checks has of course been branded as extremely racist.
    Yeah, it's pretty tight here. Very bureaucratic though, and you can't do much unless you have a social security number (personnummer), which you get if you are legal resident.

    Well, if you have a job starting here, it's quite easy. That is usually the first piece of advice foreigners get when they want to immigrate here, get a job.

    I guess that you are becoming an M.D? In that case, you're in luck. We've got a shortage of doctors, you see. This is because the medical union is keeping the number of spots open at medical school low, to keep the salaries of doctors artificially high. Since we've got a shortage, we "import" many foreign doctors, so you could get in on that. Mainly they are Poles and Germans, but Swedes speak pretty good english, so that'll help you in the beginning. You will be expected to learn the language though.

    You could contact Migrationsverket, which is the agency overseeing migration in Sweden. They'll be more in touch with how the actual law looks
    Things are pretty good, and I hope things are in the US as well, despite terrorism and general human darkness.

    Oh yes, I still savour the period when the NHL was down and the Swedish League was considered the best hockey league in the world;)
    holly shit, those japanese school girls get me everytime
    are they a real band (I doubt it), where can I get more pictures??? huhuhuh
    How does getting yourself banned help you? :scratch: :lol:

    Anyway, I'd never let you come across as a liar, so I'd sell it to you for 5K. ;)
    No, but I did manage to flirt my way out of a ticket. I admit that I'm not all peaches 'n' cream either. :lol:
    I actually lost like 14 points or something in the first round, so it must have been a heavy user..... Hmmmm, the plot thickens.
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