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  • Hey Troy! I got a few questions for ya, man. Would you humor them for me?
    my question is, how did that RR 8 string work out with the Trem you put on it? Did it seem to have any strange or adverse effects?

    I had a very VERY stupid idea of putting a 6 string bigsby on a 7 string Tuneomatic with the 7th string just running through the guitar and only allotting the 6 strings to be able to be bent. It might be aesthetically displeasing but I'd like to hear your experience using a trem that was made to fit 6 strings on an ERG:wavey:
    To not derail the thread more, Saying you Feel bad because you have better genes/means to raise children and dont want to procreate is very pompous.
    Troy, have you posted a thread on that latest 8..9..string build? :scratch:
    I saw a picture of it in an old thread, and thought it deserved a thread :)
    I could just flip it if the single coil mode seems to close huh? hah why hadn't I thought of that!? you genius :eek:
    The only reason I opted for the tw rather than a set of DC's (which were up for sale like a week after I got my TW D:) is because I got a pretty good deal on it at talkbass. Though I'd like to try a DC in the future if I plan to stay active. Thank you once again(again):ugh: for the advisory Troy! have you seen my build thread btw? :3
    So the bass strings aren't too plastic sounding? I'm actually gonna use a 40TW instead of a 40DC since I got a nice deal on it, it can tap to a p-bass type tone, do you think that kind of single coil spank might make it too punchy if I set it that close? Though I do like the way you placed yours with the fretboard(very sloothy sir :D), I'm thinking if I kept it a little away from the bridge, I could make less of a severe angle, which would leave more room for the neck pup should I want one eventually
    Ahh man that is so slick!!
    I hows the bass end of that guitar? I never payed attention to how close it is to the bridge itself :eek:
    Wow Troy that was quick! lol
    How much do you think I could slant it before the strings fall out of range?
    I'm thinking that as long as the longer angle of the pup is 1/4" from the 'inside' of the strings I will be fine; but could you tell me what you went with?
    Troy! your home depot build got me thinking again, about the pup positioning.. do you suppose I could place mine at a slant like you did? I figure it would help with the possibility of ice-picky treble strings. I'm still unsure of my decision and would love some input. I :wub: your avatar btw :lol:
    Hey man, you said on one of my threads that you've built some guitars before, think you could build a multiscale 10 string?
    Ooh okay, that makes a lot more sense than what I was thinking haha
    Thank you again troy, I'll stop buggin ya now ._.
    Thank you Troy, don't worry I'm in no rush :)
    When you measured for the taper, did you start from the center of the fretboard?
    I remember lmii's website saying something about using a jointed end..i think :ugh:
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