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  • Hey, your schecter omen 8, I have come to inquire of it:
    Hows it hold up with thicker string gauges?
    Are the stock pups(its kinda a given but,) horrible?
    Do you have any clips?
    Is the neck any bigger than..well lets say a quarter(coin) in thickness

    Sorry if it seems a bit out of the blue, but I really want to know more about that guitar you have!
    oh man if you need the money, that other dude may be a good idea, id love the axe, but RIGHT this second i dont have the money. that dudes seems pretty excited for it so he'll prolly give it a good home :D
    It is tempting but I have a few buyers lined up but if they fall through, I'll def let you know.
    If you change your mind on the h-207 let me know. Nice blueburst by the way.:agreed:
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