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  • Thanks dude! I'm a huge Hess fan. That piece in my avatar is one of my favs, but "Hemorrhage" is by far my favorite. Which is why I have it tattooed on me!
    I saw you picked up CoD MW3, too. I just bought an Xbox 360 over the weekend if you want to add me - BigBlack987. Far from lonely basement warrior status like just about every other CoD person.
    oh absolutely. probably my favorite album of the year. have fun at the show dude!
    no chance, the sound in the bar was a mess. good bourbon selection though :)
    worst listening party ever dude :) the bar had horrible sound, didn't even recognize that it was textures until Reaching Home came on. Hell, The Trooper was playing when I walked in and it took me two minutes to recognize it :D
    No problemo dude. I felt special for a moment there when I noticed that I had 3 messages in my inbox.
    That's killer! I've been thinking about grabbing one, i've had my axe fx for 2 months now and just can't figure out what power amp to get.
    Hey I missed your last post in the thread,

    Just email me the track(s) you record and I'll do all the processing and such in my session.
    Epic. :yesway:

    My aunt actually lives down there, although I've never visited. I've got a trip to Trinidad and Tobago with my family planned for later in July. I'll be missing my girl at home but besides that, I'm stoked.
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