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  • Hey man, sorry I didn't get back to you sooner dude. Is there any chance you could fix the clipping and re post the song so I could use that version instead. Thanks a lot duder.

    Likin' the new picture man!!! Y'all look bad-fuckin-ass! Sorry things didn't work out with me bein teh other geetfiddlist, hope there's no bad blood :)

    Also, I wouldn't have been able to make practices after June 12th anyway (was planning on saying this at practice this weekend).. I'm moving into an apartment in Evanston, and won't have a car; so there would've been no way for me to make practices or shows or anything (without like, 3 hours of trains/public transportation or a ride from someone.. which would be too much)

    Anyway, hope all is well in the world of IHH! do you guys mind if I maybe stop by practice in a few weeks to hear the new songzz? I mean, if y'all don't hate me.. :/
    Sounds good dude. I will record the vocal track at some point this week, between working and what not.
    :lol: I'm a fixer, and it's a excuse for me to make it bomb proof. :agreed: Haven't heard back from Ibanez yet though.
    No worries, weren't your fault man... a lot of the early ones did that. I'm just surprised it got through this many owners before it did it. I'm just gonna pick up a big ass locking stud, drill it out, and drop that in there. Better that it happened now and not in the middle of a show. :cool:
    No problem. They're Elixir nanoweb light (.010 - .046). They seem to last considerably longer, albeit they are a bit brighter than normal strings.
    LOL. :lol: What can I say... I wanted it. :D Thanks for the prompt response, it's very much appreciated. I got a new band that's already got material done, so it's just a matter of rehearsing it and hitting the live circuit.
    That's some big bidness dude! You need an awesome host. Have anyone in mind? Someone that will stick in the public's mind and they'll be like "It's that guy! The guy from ___"? If not, I recommend Richard Kiel.
    Haha yeah...I'm going back next week probably Tuesday or Wednesday. Not excited :(. It's been too fun waking up in the afternoon and doing nothing with my life. When did you start back up?
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