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  • Yeah I've got that one in my sights, as well as another NTF elsewhere with case...I just really prefer VLF, but thanks a TON for the heads up!
    While I'm sad to hear you're leaving I'm happy you're releasing something before the split up. I'll be sure to grab it and I'll definitely keep an eye out for any future projects of yours.
    Hey, just noticed in your sig that you're in Warforged. I remember seeing a post about you on Heavy Blog is Heavy, awesome stuff.

    Just wanted to tell you that. Really love every single instruments part in your songs.
    Hey man, long time. Hope you've been good.

    been checking out your soundcloud lately. I am a huge TBDM fanboy and your covers are spot on. The Statutory Ape cover is awesome. Any updates with band things/possible cd soon?
    yeah he was super exited and said i am the only dude to have mentioned it on this tour. He said like 2-4s the new facebook and stuff will launch. hopefully with a new tune?
    Dude the warforged business cards are sick. Adrian was amazing last night here in idaho with enfold!

    Really exited to hear new stuff
    That was pretty funny. The paper airplanes...:lol:. So what is the grand prize?
    Finally got around to listening to that mix of "obelisk the tormenter".... brutal as fuck lol. Me and my fiends still play yu gi oh 2-4 times a week:lol:
    Dude, hells yeah. That is one of my favorite songs by ATB! You has me excited.
    Hey man, I was wondering if you would be willing to share your Motor City bass patch that you used for the Obelisk clip? I'm working on a song and I feel like the tone/attack of the patch would really work for the guitars. Thanks dude :). Oh, and post another clip soon please :yesway:....and by soon I mean now :lol:
    Aw. I wanted to hear those grooves live. Good luck on the guitarist hunt, I'd volunteer if I wasn't terrible.
    Hey buddy sorry it took me so long to get back to your message. I have a seven string coming in the mail within the next week and I'd definitely be free to come play. I don't have my amp with me as I'm currently using emulators on my Mac but I might be able to get it up to Chicago. I'll hit you up as soon as the guitar gets here. The style of music I usually write is different than your band but I think I could catch on pretty quick with some practice.
    Well, honestly, as much as I would love to, lacking a car and second amplifier, and still being in high school, I can't help you guys. If you're still looking next summer, though, hit me up! I'll gladly help, I love the kind of stuff you guys play.
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