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  • Hey bro thanks for the 22H demos. Do you think I should buy one and 4 cable it with my hd500? They are soooo damn cheap and its extremely tempting :lol:
    Hey man! Just saw a picture of your rig in the post your rig pictures thread, noticed you had a weber attenuator of some sort on top of your 6505, was wondering if you could give me your opinions on it and does it work well? Thanks! :)
    Very cool! I didn't realize that Warmoth offered pickguards as well. The reason I ask is because I've been GASsing for the white Charvel So Cal. But I think I want to give it a white pearloid pickguard and do an HSS set up.
    Hey man, thanks for the comment on my new Charvel Wild Card! :yesway:
    Your Strat-style guitars all look fucking great! But out of curiosity, where did you get the pickguards for the purple and sunburst guitars? Did they come routed to fit a Floyd, or did you modify them?
    Hey man, I asked you about your Charvel a while back, but did you order the pickguard with regular or trembucker spacing for the Super 3? Also, how do you like the fast tracks? Have you compared them to the cruisers at all?
    Hey man, i saw the Charvel in your avatar. I thought it was the same as mine, but i see you have those sweet purple Dimarzios in HSS form. Did the guitar come HSS stock, or did you buy an aftermarket pickguard?
    Thanx for Being My Friend!
    Know more about me, THANKS!
    hey, my bad about the evo in the neck, didn't think about it that much, haha.
    (just posted it here so it wouldn't seem pointless in the thread)
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