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  • I'm very interested but i'm also interested in your project one as well. Either way I am currently low on money at the moment, but selling my 6 string soon so that should help. Hopefully if the RGA7 or the project guitar is available the next 2 weeks i'll take it for sure. Cheers
    So how is it man?

    I've since recieved pictures of mine and it'll be getting posted either today or monday.

    To say I'm anxious is a huge understatement. In all honesty though, the guitar looks pretty nice, I can't see any major flaws except the pickups are every so slightly off axis.

    Pics are on my facebook, feel free to add em too if you like.

    Niall Robertson | Facebook
    Hey im interested in that 7321 neck you have for sale. Would you sell it w/o tuners for a smidge bit less ? and how much would shipping be to the US do you think ?
    Hi Dan,5 piece neck no problem,all i need now to give you accurate price is....
    Material for fingerboard?
    Materials for laminates i suggest american black walnut/maple/cherry or wenge/maple/am bl walnut!
    Dots/types ablone MOP plastic!
    Nut?or is it a locking nut?
    Width at nut,thickness at first fret and twelfth fret!
    Your address including postal or zip code, posting to Oz is a pain
    Super jumbo frets no problem i have all sizes in stock.
    Radius of finger board 20" is nice quite flat!
    amount of frets??24 i assume?
    I think that should do,i can then give you accurate costs!
    Hey dude, im in the belgrave area, I play anything from jazz fusiony stuff to metal, im not good at describing genres of metal, brutal, fast, melodic, all stuff I love
    So where abouts in melbourne are you from? interested in jamming with people at all?
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