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    Chordbender Bridge???

    Dang! I love the quarter bend chord sounds!
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    NGD Vai Angles.

    I don't stop by the forums too often these days, but I'm bloody glad I did today! What a killer finish!
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    Obsidious (ex-Obscura)

    This track got me going in a way Obscura hasn't done before. I really dig it!
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    help on getting rid of string mute echo

    The perfect solution to this is to disable the input gate and then place a gate block between your speaker and reverb blocks. Set the sidechain to input one. What this is going to do is give you a really tight and clean gate, which is being triggered by the dry DI signal of your pickups, which...
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    Good sounding free midi instruments you have used in your songs?

    I think there may be a work around for that, steinberg has an article here.
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    Good sounding free midi instruments you have used in your songs?

    Christian from SpitFire has a community based around creating and sharing free sample instruments: There are some absolute gems on here.
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    Nuclear Blast Records drops Rings Of Saturn

    I toured with RoS on their first run of shows that had Lucas back on the stage (Australia in 2019). They were all pretty cool guys except Lucas, he kept to himself and didn't really talk to anyone so I have no idea what he was like :shrug:
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    Weird gear uses for awesome tones

    I feel like this barely counts, But I really enjoy boosting an HM2 into a gritty amp. Guitar -> OD pedal -> HM2 -> Amp What I'll do is dial the best rhythm tone I can manage with just the amp alone. Then dial the gain back considerably and engage the HM2, I often end up with the gain set...
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    NGD Jamstik midi controller

    Really looking forward to some updates on how this tracks/performs!
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    Multiscale with Evertune

    Sort of, but not entirely related. Ormsby have a range of Evertune equipped multiscale guitars coming out at some point this year (soon I think). As Tom suggested earlier in the thread, they're using the bridge as the parallel point and dropping the multiscale down towards the headstock of the...
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    Need some recommendations for replacing EMG 707 and 81-7

    I'm pretty sure that bareknuckle pickups will make and of their offerings soapbar sized.
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    Midi drums programming

    There are many companies that sell midi groove packs, you can use those to bring rough ideas into your project and then modify them to suit your music more specifically. Once you've dabbled with that enough you'll begin to see patterns and regularities in what does and doesn't suit your taste...
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    I'm Transgender. Ask me anything.

    OP (and mods) I don't want to push any boundaries of appropriateness or forum rules but I'm curious as to how HRT has affected or changed the way you get physically intimate with a partner? (please don't ban me mods I promise this question is with genuine curiosity and good intention!)
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    Midi to bass simulators?

    I'm here to drop two suggestions: 1, coil tap your guitar and then pitch shift it down an octave. Is it amazing? not really. Is it good enough for most situations? Definitely! 2, Anything made by submission Audio. I have Punkbass and Eurobass 2 and they're excellent.
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    I'm Transgender. Ask me anything.

    Cool to see this topic opened up in a pretty metal centric location. OP I am curious about your journey with HRT? (I confess I didn't read all 15 pages before posting so I am making an assumption that you're on it). Any unexpected pro's/con's or funny stories?