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  • For the record dude, I DID MAKE CONTACT, you just took too many days to reply. You had Monday, and Tuesday... Also, everything has been cool for a week now, why are you just now getting upset about it? I have a right to my opinion, and as of lately it has not been a good one about Halo guitars. You work there, you should know what kind of crap you are selling. Forgive me for being honest about the whole thing, but I already took the time to make it VERY clear that I appreciated your help. By sending this message you are just confirming everything I said in my last email to Jeff about Halo still being infantile in its business practice. Good riddance, I hope Halo gets someone outside of China to build their guitars in the future.
    No problem man. I want that company to get better as much as you do. There great guitars when built correctly. I wish I had one personally. : )
    I got an email from Jeff yesterday regarding the shipping of the hardshells, thank you very much for taking the time to address this issue. My faith in Halo customer service is certainly restored. And for the record, the replacement models (667) that we received play and sound amazing!!! Thanks again for your help in resolving this Alvin, Happy Holidays!! BTW - I LOVE THE GVK!!!!
    Ah that's good to hear :]] ! I hope things are going well with the new marketing etc.
    I'm guessing the album is complete now? I'll have to check out your page
    It's good to hear from you on here! This task sounds pretty intense o.o
    I'd like to hear about it. I hope the band is going well:hbang:. Is Halo is still looking for girls? I remember awhile ago they were looking, not sure if they've stopped.
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