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  • Is it possible, or do you think it would make sense, to move all the AI discussion (arguing? :lol:) out of the religion thread and into it's own thread? It's good discussion I think, it just doesn't really match the intended topic of the thread anymore.
    Given there's not much discussion I'd say just start a new thread in the Computers section for the topic :2c:
    Technomancer - would it be acceptable in the off topic section to create a thread requesting music from fellow SS members to use in youtube videos?

    Too many videos with techno pop for my tastes. I've been around here for awhile and if i'm going to request help for music, i'd rather it be from
    I can't see where it would hurt anything. If you're looking to pay someone should probably go in the musician's classifieds though.
    thank you, should not be any money exchanging hands initially but i'll still use that section - makes more sense.
    Man, I'm Italian :lol:
    It's too easy for me. ;)
    I oversimplified a reply that I didn't even wanted to type, or better wanted to send via pm to only one guy, but there's this damning stuff that I can't retreat in front of accuses :(
    Even knowing that it doesn't change things.
    Idiots be idiots.
    Homophoby...phobos...fear, it's deeper and worse than simple bigotry.
    I might not be the best to write in a language that is not mine, but there's people as bad as me at being willing to listen.
    That's why I'll keep out of there.

    Have a nice day! :)
    Fair enough for the warning, I guess I'll have more for other reasons, since I already see people behaving like children and wanting my head.
    But yeah, I have already 2 bans, so I'll start to say goodbye in advance. :)

    The position between patronus and cliens is different than the one of mentors, and different than patronus and libertus.
    Patronus had limited contacts with cliens except listening to the lamentations.
    It was very unusual that a patritius would have allowed a plebeus as an apprentice.
    Even more unusual that a patritius had to work.
    That happened mostly in the corporation of arts.

    The problem is that the coming of age is not what we consider OUR coming of age, since young boys were introduced to prostitutes as early as 14 years old, while age for marriage was around 20.

    There are not only books, but pictures about this in Pompei.
    About the price post, it doesn't seem I post exchange price comparisons everywhere, but that's ok.
    About the other post in the Vik drama thread, and I continue it here to not add unneeded fuel in the thread.
    I said rank and not class, and when you say "mentoring", you're quite sugar coating it, since that behaviour developed more than often into pedophily.
    O damn it I forgot to reply back. Yea I know the Friedman stuff is grossly overpriced, I would hope I smarten up before getting one and just getting an AxeFx. The Suhr stuff seems awesome but it seems they updated the PT100 to look like sound more like a Vintage Plexi but look cheap at the same time :lol:

    With that said I did find this and figured you might want to at least see it: Suhr PT100 Custom Audio Amp Mint Look | eBay

    I have talked to Kyle Rhodes and REALLY like how his amps are voiced since they remind me of Mesas a bit. Orthos is priced nicely so I'm going to try to get one of those.
    The Randall 667 looks very interesting. I haven't seen too many clips of it at more mid-gain rock tones. Have you seen any?

    Also I've personally been looking a ton at Friedman stuff but the prices are hard to look at :lol:. Their new amp "Smallbox" looks awesome since it's supposed to be in the 2k range I believe. Channel 1 is a Plexi and Channel 2 is the Brown Eye.
    Figured you might want to see this: Rig-Talk • View topic - FS: Gower/Fortin Killer Kali++ '84JCM 800 :(
    PRS Archon Amplifier if you go into the guts section of the page it talks about a few things that were done to eliminate hums and noises - I think we need to get you one simply for science! :lol:
    Hey Steve, I was just going through the Randall 2013 thread and saw that you said that you preferred the RD20 to the 5153. I was just wondering if you could expand on that a bit? Does the RD20 sound as thick and aggressive?
    Oh it's the Bernie Rico Jr I received looong months ago before all the crap happened :D I'll post a NGD next week but now that you know it's a BRJ I suppose your excitement level decreased a lot haha! It's not at the level of your ex-KxK, that's for sure.
    Hi man, why deleted my wtb topics about Bernie rico jekill?. I registerating in 2010, and open topic wtb axe-fx
    but now me banned on 1 week and close new wtb bRJ guitar.
    Hey man I have a question regarding bans. I've previously been banned twice since I joined here two years ago. Both were around a week and not for anything super terrible, I was wondering if the third ban is the final and I would be booted?
    Not saying I'm gonna go on some dumbshit montage :lol: Just something I've always wondered.
    Funny you say that, I made that mistake this weekend - luckily it was for a signed NHL puck and not a 3k guitar! That's a killer guitar though, I love them.
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