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  • Hi, I'm bugging you about your Axe Fx tone, because It's the best axe fx tone I've ever heard from anyone in my entire life
    Been listening to the stuff you've been putting up on your soundcloud lately. Sounds awesome.
    Just listened to both of your projects on Facebook and they sound fucking fantastic. Excited to hear the final tracks. Keep it up!
    It seems to load up just fine until i start to load up a preset. Maybe im loading too much or something? I dont have a clue really lol
    Thanks for in depth details dude. I appreciate it. Im definitely giving that a shot. Trillian keeps freezing every time i try to use it. Could that be a ram issue?
    Duuuuude just checked out the post rock mix you put up. DAMN it sounds so massive and awesome. Any chance you could give me some tips on how to get Trillian to sound like that? Im completely lost on that program at the moment and for some reason it seems to freeze pro tools almost every single time i run it :scratch:
    Fuck man, the intro track is god damn awesome, everyone's got awesome intro tracks!

    Have you got a facebook page? I want to pimp your shit on mine :D
    Things are going great after reading up on Nolly's 2.0 tutorial! Got me headed in the right direction for sure. I've got a pretty satisfying preset for my prog-rock and another for my all out death metal. Thanks again for the tip on the busses and all the tips really! :)
    Hey Taylor, how are things?
    I'd like to know which SSD version you're using, your drums mixes always sound freaking awesome :D
    Is it SSD Platinum or the smaller EX?
    Cheers dude :)
    I could say the say the same about Halifax! There's a reason most shows/festivals end at Montreal, haha.
    Hey, dude. Just listened to your songs for the first time and they fucking rule. Good to hear another Canadian laying down some awesome riffage. I have a friend or two that live on your side of the country. If I ever go visit them I'd love to meet up and jam.
    Decent ! I have to say the most interesting music an the stuff I have bought over the past year has been 90 % of the stuff I have found through ss.org
    Just discovered your muziks, very interesting stuff my friend. It made me accident my pants.
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