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  • Oh man, so that's what you rented, eh? I was kind of out of the loop when you were posting those. :lol: Those shots look great.

    The K-3's around $1200, right? I was seriously looking at that because it's right around the same price as a 70D. When I'm closer to being able to afford one (hopefully in a couple months) I'll try it out alongside the 70D. It looks like it's basically better in every way (other than video, but that's not a huge deal for me). I'm just worried about how much money I'd lose switching systems, and I saw it in a display beside the 70D and it looks tiny :lol: I've got really stubby hands and the T3 feels so cramped.
    I was intrigued, but once I saw that the Sigma 18-35 comes in the K mount I was sold haha.
    I'm online pricing out 70Ds and lenses and I've started checking out the Pentax lineup, and it's calling my name. Damn you! :wub:
    Exactly what I thought as well. It's not like we're not actively contributing to the thread. If I were just posting memes all day I could understand the hate, but I'm really trying to be helpful.

    Oh well.
    LOL who the hell did that?! I thought we were all bros in the tog thread, and if this anonymous objector was implying you were emulating my overuse of 'dat' surely I'm the neggable one in all this. I don't get the neggability of that post at all haha.
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