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  • just got the PRS 7 string package from you. packaging was top notch and the guitar was safe and snug inside. Thanks a billion!
    thanks for the reply man, the sound i am going for is jazz fusion, what pedals do you use with it, or how would you define the tone of the guitar itself
    Hey, I am super duper mega interested in your Conklin 7 string bass. It seems that August 1st is when I'll have $675 ready and waiting to put towards this bass. If you get an offer before then, awesome. I'm just saying that I just got a summer job (I'm 16) to get money for a Conklin 7 string, and BAM! Here one is. So uhm, if theres any way you'd wait, fantastic, if not, that's cool too. Also, I guess to show that i'm a real person, Here's the myspace to the Band I'm, in So uhm yeah, just letting you know theres a guy genuinely interested in this bass. Best of Luck with the sale!

    - Cody
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