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  • hey there sorry to bother you again lol but i've been told you might be looking for a vocalist is this true?
    hey there you still looking for a 7 string guitarist as i live in sheff and have one i say your ad and i'm interested in that type of music i'm currently out of amps as i've blown the two i had but will have one soon i'll send you my number in a message as it'll be easyer to get a hold of me that way
    K. I hate it when the technology fucks up. always when it's important.
    And take it easy, I was only making a joke.
    Ah he moaned because the volume knob can come off quite easily (that's like, what, £2? Plus I offered to send him a new one but he never responded) and it has a crackly jack (which at the very most needs a resolder, as it was never like that with me). He got it for £250 ffs, at least £100 less than what I expected to get because of how much i'd modded it. Ah well, twat.

    I recommend the Venom... as it's the only one i've heard :lol: But it was a mighty fine pickup for the price. Do it!
    Hey mang! I sold the 7321 with the Swineshead in it to some unappreciative Scottish cunt who's done nothing but complain, but ah well! In terms of sound though it's very clear and dry. I'm sure my escapade was a one-off, in hindsight it was a great pickup. Very articulate. Check this link out to listen to it! (this was the last song i recorded with it)
    :rofl: Yes indeed, I do have that satin shine, some would even call it a "glow"! :wub: I sold the Kiko today which has now paid another chunk of the Thorn off. :yesway: I can't WAIT for that guitar.... Ron said it's all carved and ready for paint within the next 1-2 weeks! :woot: Going to be hotness. :agreed:
    Wait... I can post one for you, provided you tell me that the tone is terrible and since it doesn't fit what you want to hear it is in essence epic failure... sound good? :lol: :D
    Oh P.S.: I hate your Engl. It's not that I've played one before, nor have I put the effort into trying to check one out... but I heard from some guy on a forum who has an uncle who has a friend that thinks he heard a clip on the web that sounded bad. So yeah, your amp sucks. /sarcasm :rofl: :wub: :wub:
    I believe, if I can boldly look into the future, that Oni's are in fact the absolute tits. I will confirm this with my future self a few months down the road. :wub:
    Fuck :(, I've had the back fucked thing a fair few times meself, and yeah failsworth, one reason, it has FAIL in the name :D, got out of there very soon after arriving, within 15 minutes anyway

    The Oni's, I wouldn't be surprised if they are the absolute tits :D
    Yeah ive heard similar things about Caparison guitars for the price you pay for them. What made you go to Failsworth for hahaha.

    The weekend would be better for me, so that would be cool. At the moment though im just in the middle of sending messages back and forth to dan of Oni guitars about a custom 7 string. and also Pm people who play them too.
    Apart from that ive been off work for a week due to back problems which is shit
    you get up to much while you was in manc?
    hopefully i'll be able to go to the next one. you been up to much?
    haha Ya, i love Carina's voice. Its awesome how perfectly her vocals fit into the songs. I miss the old keyboard that they had prior to Monday Morning Apocalypse :(
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