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  • he's gone missing...havent seen his posts in months. did he get into an argument with the other mods or what?
    Caught your Nashville Tele clip....dude that rocked hard, really dig it. That guitar sounds beefy as hell.
    I stopped being sad when I and my favourite bands part ways.
    There's always something exciting around the corner that you haven't heard yet :)
    I've got no problems when artists pursue their ways, their artistic vision.
    It's their own right and I appreciate the need to search for progress in your sound.
    But do things that you're not able to realize with quality makes me raise my eyebrows.
    As I said, Midlake, that are not metal do that kind of stuff better, even if they don't use distortion, but the music is genuine.
    Well, I like it, there is something to it. They blend Iron-Maiden style metal with punkrock and somehow it works, pretty solid. :) One of my Dutch friends lives there and became friends with their guitarist. He gave me their CD.
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