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  • Hey man, I was going to put a 6505+ bias mod tutorial up so its easy to find all the info in one place since it took me awhile to find some of the specific info. How do I post it in the workbench forum?
    saw you were takin care of this group. im a newbie to this site, just joined. got couple ibanez guitars and have some more im lookin for. hope i can find some here. later!
    :lol: Those seeds are gone, bro. planted weeks ago. This is the final data tally.

    Survivorman rules. Budweiser sucks. Hail Satan.
    Me too. :lol:

    Some of my Rare Breed Wild Turkey, while writing this report for school on germination and development of plants in different soil types. Woo hoo!

    And worshiping Satan, of course. :shrug:
    :lol: :lol:


    I used to have a boss who said that - basicwy. He could never say "basically", and he fucking said it all the time.
    It's exactly like Grease. JUST like it. :agreed:

    Only... about Satan. Without Greasers. Or acting. Or any format that resembles a musical. But other than that...

    And I'm just like Kenicki! How weird! Except I look nothing like him... I'm not in rehab... I don't act... I'm younger... but yeah. other than that., wow. You nailed it, dude. :yesway:
    I actually do dig Satan. I'm writing a musical trilogy right now that is all about Lucifer's fall, in a sort of symbolic sense. :D
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