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    New Collibus track 'The Last Time'

    Just thought i'd share it with you guys :)
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    Collibus playthrough video - 'The False Awakening'

    Thought I'd share this, pretty much the first time I've posted a Playthrough video, I apologise if I posted this in the wrong section. Really need a camera though, my iPhone in a condenser mic cradle wedged between the elastic on a mic stand is really not ideal! Also got a Drum playthrough of...
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    Laney IRTX Full Range Powered Cabs

    Actually, this video by my friend Paul Glover might explain more as to what you can do with them.
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    The Laney Ironheart Owners Thread

    No difference tonally, just power. I've used both but usually use the 60 Watt version just to drive the power section a little more. Here's the rig I just used for Bloodstock Open Air 2014.
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    Random Pics of Your Rig

    My rig for Bloodstock 2014 with Collibus. Was great to play with my own backline for a change!
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    Laney IRTX Full Range Powered Cabs

    Will be checking these out soon at some point!
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    Laney irt studio

    Never had an issue with mine. I have the IRT60H and 2 IRT Studios which I gig a hell of a lot out of. I've had tube issues but that's just tubes going bad. But my experience with the Ironhearts has been nothing but great and I'm not just saying that because I'm endorsed by Laney either...
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    Question for Laney IRT Studio/15H users: use this as a power amp?

    You mean these sort of tones? Used an impulse response on this... Preview of my bands album (Collibus) which i used the IRT Studio on with a Laney TT412S with Vintage 30's. Probably a bit more modern sounding this one though guitar tone wise. Love the clean channel on it as well.
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    Question for Laney IRT Studio/15H users: use this as a power amp?

    It does work yes, I've got 2 IRT Studios which sometimes I run at the same time, one as a master and one as a slave amp and the preamp of one goes into the effects return of the other.
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    Belated NGD - Ibanez Universe UV70P

    Cheers guys, must say it's an insanely well built guitar! My fret wraps just arrived as well for it also :) Some more photo's of it with my Ibanez collection haha And also with my Very small scaled down rig for practicing at home and small gigs.
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    Belated NGD - Ibanez Universe UV70P

    Basically it arrived last week but I was too busy to post it on here. But anyways, it's a beast of a guitar! Already gigged with it twice, 2 hour sets as well. Tuning stability is amazing as well, didn't have to tune it at all for the gigs which is very handy indeed! Loving the DiMarzio...
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    Steven Wilson creates new instrument software "Ghostwriter"

    Haha demos sound interesting.
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    Ibanez 2014 NAMM Thread

    The only thing I'm unhappy about at the moment is the different guitars released for different regions. Been told the Blue Iron Label Exotic RG7 isn't available in the UK which I'm a bit unhappy about. So that and the RG2228A in White and the RG1527M are some of the guitars I've wanted but...
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    Collibus - The False Awakening

    Released in the US today now. Incase anyone was interested :)
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    The Laney Ironheart Owners Thread

    Haha yea, since I got My Ironheart's i've barely used my VH100R's My gear at the moment... No doubt I'll be getting more soon!