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  • Hello,
    Hope you had a nice Turkey Day. I just checked in here to see if there were any BRJ sightings and low and behold someone posted . . .
    "Hey guys, was just talking with some other net denizen and he mentioned that Bernie is out and about and even that he was out with Bernie to the shooting range around 10 days ago.
    I don't know this guy and can't vouch for what he said. We just got to chatting over some gear I'm selling and that's what he said, figured you might like to know."

    Scary that someone with multiple stays at a psych facility is a gun owner. I have nothing against the 2nd amendment and believe everyone has the right own firearms BUT is still is frightening knowing Bernie and his tendencies, that he is going to a shooting range if this is in fact so.

    What do you think?
    J -
    Super sweet man, Good to hear. My vocalist just got some mackie 824's recently and Hopefully my mixes get better also haha.
    I have a similar issue to what you posted on an old forum msg... I tried to install Superior Drummer, and the main install went fine, but the sound files could not be copied due to an error.

    I checked Toontrack's website, and they have a troubleshooting article devoted to this topic... must be something with Lion:

    So I copied the files manually off the DVD's into Mac HD/Library/Application Support/Superior Drummer 2.0/SL-Avatar/Sounds

    but when I direct Superior Drummer from inside of Logic it says: This is not a sound library.

    What do I do to fix this? Any advice would be great. Thanks!
    Vacation was pretty good, with the exception of finding out that indeed, I do have fibromyalgia (totally treatable and reversible though), which I suspected. I am starting the guafenesin protocol pretty soon. The great news is that once it reverses I will have a lot more dexterity in my hands again, which is going to be awesome. Nothing like being tired out after playing guitar for an hour. Blah.

    It was nice to see the ocean again. I feel recharged and ready to go. Nice solo, btw.
    yeah man i listened to it, i just don't have much to add to the thread. I sounds awesome. this is the only tune I did a full production for in a long time haha. ZK 2012 preproduction by nicholas-gardner on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free

    and this is the unmixed solo I just did for forum member FICTION's ep. thats just to show the composition, there are a few articulations i dont enjoy in it. Fictease by nicholas-gardner on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free

    also how was your vaction?
    know he just was saying to someone else about this dude that just got a 3k custom and has an axefx 2. I just knew haha
    Played keith merrow's old BRJ the other day, it blew my mind. Also a kid Enfold darkness mentioned working with you haha. Idaho is too small.
    I am expecting a full report on your BRJ when it arrives today. You are not allowed to enjoy it. You must immediately share photos and create further anxiety for the rest of us. Lol, hope you get it; I forgot how long ago you placed an order? mine was a while back too. Not a black friday sale but a full custom.
    Hey, did Bernie contact you before your build allegedly started or did you go from it basically not existing to it being near complete?

    Sorry to message you here, just wanted to keep chit chat out of that thread :lol:
    That sounds awesome man :), cant wait to hear this cover. Still havent gotten that BR yet huh? man that's some waiting time.

    I just remember you were getting all these clips out, andthen you disappeared haha

    I am doing pretty well myself.
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