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  • *sigh*

    I wish. :(

    My girlfriend watched it the other day on teh interwebz and I've been waiting to make it out to the theater. That said, I think the IMAX is calling my name this weekend. Fingers crossed.
    No worries dude =) There should hopefully be some news regarding S7 involving me hopefully at the end of the year, we will see haha

    lol yeah I want the series on DVD but it doesn't exist :(
    Whomever neg rep'ed me for my comment at the end of the "FML/Roter" thread, learn to read English as your comment completely missed the point of my post, and grow the balls to sign your rep. Kthx.
    haha trust me, bro. I fully expected my rig renovation sale to take absolutely forever. Well, some of it has been rough. I sold the guitar and head quickly which enabled me to get the Axe, but its been a bitch to unload my dual head case, which I plan to use that cash to grab a power amp. I still need a foot controller and a new wireless, but I can gig the way my rig is now until that happens. Just don't lose hope, man. Keep working at it, and trust me, when you get it, all of the struggles you've been through will be well worth it.
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