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  • Booooo

    Oh, Hi. Yeah, I grew up here, Went to west junior, then homeschooled the rest. Love this town, despite the lack of jobs. :lol:
    My Recording Fu is weak. :( The best I can do is turn knobs, so you're at least a few steps ahead of me. :lol:
    Hahaha i'm happy you are in possession of the Fractal Audio Rackheld Awesome Device (Hey it makes it FARAD how cool am i?) at last.. :) But i won't take it off it also goes for those that have it in their siggy 6634235463 line wishlist
    I am quite the asshole though. :lol:

    I lurk there every once and awhile, and if I see a thread I feel I can add to, I'll post. :)

    There just happens to be a ton of REALLY knowledgeable, more so than I, folks on there, so typically my comments aren't really needed. :lol:
    Well if it's one of the top MESA dealers i guess it's gonna go relatively soon.Best of luck man i hope we see soon your NRD
    Yeap some EMG's on it would count for someone that has seen the 7 string Smyth played in nevermore..But i don't want to spend more cash on it it's anyway going to be sold for 250-300 bucks or some from which i keep the 200-250 ( the guitar store keeps about 20%).Has 3-4 of dings mind you though :lol: It was my first seven and it was the one i had outside grabbing all the time.Was your gear equally hard to sell?
    Yes i know it's sure a big headache..especially if you have gear that for some reason repels people and you're forced to literally kill the price :lol: I left two guitars at a small guitar store to be sold.A guy dropped 50 euros as an upfront and will give the rest 200 later ( that for a modded strato copy from an old beginner marshall pack,with a duncan distortion for bridge pup,2 nice custom aluminum pickguards my father made for me, and worn frets since a friend that scalloped the neck for some reason decided not to put something on them aarg!).Although the defects,the guy showed interest..Now the difficult part is to sell the other guitar...7 string Warlock godamnit how the fuck to sell this!:lol: I'm seriously considering to order some vine inlays from jokomo to make it a bit more appealing :lol:
    You're ditching the 8 man?Too bad :-( I'm struggling to get rid of 3 guitars mainly to fund a new custom,so i personally don't even have special Axe Fx savings...:lol: So good for you
    Hope you're copying alright man :) And not freak out it was in a strictly manly way. Btw did you get 10% more funds according to your sig?Last time i remember you were in 40%?
    Yah, it varies from 230-250 depending on what tuning Im using. Kahlers dont have the stiffness floyds do though.
    Actually I got a quote from Kahler about a trem for the 11 and they wanted $750 for it :lol:
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