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    1. highlordmugfug
      I went to your profile after I saw your comment because I assumed that someone was going to neg you for it. And I wanted to rep you for it, and I wanted to know if I'd be upping or negating. :lol:
    2. TemjinStrife
      Saw that ages ago. Very true and hilarious.
    3. vampiregenocide
      Ah most of it came out of a trust fund my dad put aside for me. Figured that was the best way to use it.

      The chameleon picture was actually taken in a vivarium, through glass which luckily didn't show up any reflections. Used a pretty small aperture to get just the tip of his face in focus, as I saw he was opening his mouth a bit and wanted that to be teh focal point.

      Hmm they look like aright cameras, you could probably find a used Canon 350 or 400D for less than both of those though, giving you enough money left for a decent lens, which is where the real quality is.
    4. soliloquy
      you're 19, so how exactly are you affording all that? and theres an awesome cameleon picture you have on your myspace. how did you take that? i mean, first, where did you find one, and the settings you used?

      i was strongly considering a nikon d5000, and then the pentax Kx came along. so now i'm saving up for that, unless something better comes up
    5. vampiregenocide
      Ah cheers man :) Really appreciate it. I used to use a Canon Eos 350D with EFS 17-58mm lens, but I recently upgraded to the Eos 5D Mark II with an EF 24-105mm. For film stuff I also use a Pentax K1000 :)
    6. TemjinStrife
      Honestly, it's best to go to like a violin shop and have her play it. Since they're acoustic instruments (and very hard to adjust if you're not a trained luthier) it's best to find one that plays and sounds good yourself. There are some good ones at that price point; plenty of crap too.
    7. TemjinStrife
      I've been playing cello for about 14-15 years now, although I've been seriously slacking on the technique for the last 4 to 6 so I've backslid quite a bit. The cello in my avatar is in fact my old teacher's instrument; mine isn't quite so flamey or worn, and isn't worth $18k :lol:
    8. TemjinStrife
      Acoustic, or electric? I only have one video of me playing cello, and it's my electric: YouTube - Guitar Meet Up - Cello Star Wars! (video was taken by Canuck Brian at his house without my knowledge!)
    9. budda
      Sims = most of what I made from working this summer
      Mesa was supposed to be 50% JSX sale, and birthday money and a few hundred out of what I had.
    10. budda
      oh, and I'm pretty damn strapped for cash :(
    11. budda
      yamaha was an impulse buy, and the JSX was supposed to be gone by the end of october - the mesa wasn't a freebie, unfortunately! I'm selling a guitar I didn't need to buy, and an amp I replaced. :yesway:
    12. budda
      it's on kijiji. Next tiem get your friends to ask me first, haha. JSX is still here too, $750 w/ 2 tubes and a 2/3 working footswitch (clean/crunch and fx loop buttons work, gonna look into why crunch/ultra is gimped)
    13. budda
      hey man, I have a yamaha pacifica 812V that's been down-modded (music store employee was a parts thief) for sale for $400 in London, care to spread the word in TO?

      Take care dude!
    14. signalgrey
      Cort's pretty big here. I know their export stuff is less than stellar but pretty much everyone here plays the Korean brands Cort, Peerless etc.... If im not mistaken a lot of companies have their guitars made in Cort factories.
    15. signalgrey
      As far as i know it didnt really hit the big headlines here since it just makes Korea look bad. When sutff like this happens they usually dont want to have "self-smearing" happening. I think it made a bigger splash in the states with Tom Morello and Co. bringing it to everyones attention. I actually have a thread i created about it a month or so back.
    16. DrakkarTyrannis
      People are stupid and prone to fail..remember this and you'll do well
    17. DrakkarTyrannis
      That's get your brown ass to the cd store and pick up some Tupac :lol:
    18. DrakkarTyrannis
      Neither does a gay black guy..but I manage just fine
    19. DrakkarTyrannis
      :lol: No that's not me
    20. hufschmid
      check out my threads, you will find the ''building blackdroid V'' with about 200000000000 pictures of it..... :wavey:
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