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    1. Cabinet
      Nah I just forgot the usernames. The story was this custom luthier used a picture of a guitar that wasn't his on the website, the picture belonged to a user here. So the user made this really funny picture and replaced it with the used picture and it appeared on the luthier's website. It was really funny till someone fucknugget emailed the guy about it and he got so much shit for it.
    2. apiss
      :lol: Dude don't say that..

      Just look at it this way:

      1. Study and graduate.
      2. Get awesome job with insane monies.
      3. ???
      4. Profit.

      And by profit, I mean guitars. Shitloads of them :lol:
    3. apiss
      nothing much, man. jst chilling at work. another boring day. :lol:
    4. highlordmugfug
      SOOOOO funny, I'm using it on FB now (friend band's vocalist quit out of spite (he ruined their mixes online because he only does vocals so quiet that the mic couldn't pick it up, so he compressed the FUCK out of the tracks so he'd be audible) the day before a show with As Blood Runs Black, then begged to be let back in, and now is posting on FB telling people to report their page and unlike them.)
    5. highlordmugfug
      The image below me.
    6. soliloquy
    7. JamesM
      Everything you said about the female orgasm. The only reason I neg repped, really, was because the thread got closed and I was on my phone which doesn't like visitor messages. :shrug: Nothing personal. :lol:
    8. Necropolis
      Thanks alot man
      I really appreciate it
    9. TemjinStrife
      I don't know a thing, sadly. I haven't looked at buying new ones since I bought mine about sixteen years ago.
    10. Ntbillie
      Haha. Okay Sure Brother. Means alot really. Thankyou very much. =]
    11. Ntbillie
      Heyy. Sorry for the late reply. I don't check my notifications too often. Well I'm not sure Yet Bro'. All I know is I'll be doing Acca. Soo lets see.
    12. Durero
      It's going well thanks :)

      It's great to see more Canadians on the boards here :scott:
    13. highlordmugfug
      Heh, just got around to listening to the last one. The ending of that track is awesome, the only issue I have with it is thanks to Will Ferrell I will never not think of this
    14. highlordmugfug
      YouTube - Sleepytime Gorilla Museum - Helpless Corpses Enactment
      + the official video for Helpless Corpses Enactment.
    15. highlordmugfug
      I haven't but I'm listening to them now.

      Sleepytime Gorilla Museum/Idiot Flesh if you haven't yet. :yesway: Only similar in that they're bad ass and experimental/quirky.
      YouTube - Idiot Flesh - Area 51 - 03 - Blue Head
      YouTube - Idiot Flesh - Drowning

      YouTube - Sleepytime Gorilla Museum 2
      ^Love this video. I have a huge mancrush on Nils Frykdahl. And the lyrics from this are from Finnegans Wake.
      YouTube - Sleepytime Gorilla Museum 1
      And this band SORT OF makes me think of a more over the top Humanwine
      YouTube - Humanwine - Rivolta Silenziosa
    16. highlordmugfug
      That song was awesome. Thanks man! I'll have to pick up some cds sometime...
    17. highlordmugfug
      Huh. Missed it by that much, haha.

      I'll have to actually listen to them sometime. :yesway: Danke.
    18. highlordmugfug
      I've heard of them, but I've never really given them a fair listen. The name makes me think folk metal so I kind of assumed I already knew what they sounded like. :lol:
    19. highlordmugfug
      Any day I can turn someone on to the awesomeness that is Primus is a good one. :D
      I saw them in Columbus back in August with Gogol Bordello and The Dead Kenny G's, fuck that show was amazing. (except for Les getting pissed because some idiot threw a beer bottle at/on the stage)
    20. highlordmugfug
      "Incoming Friend Requests
      The following members want to be friends with you:

      yeah... I'm the stalker :lol:
      No sweat! :yesway:
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    i like stuff. you like stuff too?
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