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    1. ry_z
      Boris - Flood [ HQ Full ] - YouTube

    2. Ntbillie
      You sir are very lucky! Haha. Oh mann. That sounds nice. Carvin's are amazing. It's sad though they're not very popular here. Actually funny story,I went to a guitar store recently and they had a Carvin hanging there. I tried to be extra clever there and said SO IT'S GOTTA BE LIKE 100-200$,Pretty cheap right? But he (Sadly) was aware of what the thing is worth. It was green in color. Very cool. Mann speaking of green. I saw The Faceless live stuff on youtube. And I absolutely fell in love with the green Washburn that Michael Keene uses. It's such a..different,beautiful guitar. I love that neon kinda feel that it has. Also I'm planning to visit Toronto in 2-3 months. Will buy my PRS from there and bring it back. The kinda issue I'm worried about now is carrying it on flight. I heard they don't allow that sometimes. =/ And then there's a this neck breaking issue I just found out about. (See my post on the beginner's column)
    3. Ntbillie
      Hey! Sorry brother I am really sorry for replying late. I just noticed your comments on my profile. Mann I'm really sorry to hear about that. Any luck with selling your guitars? I've been so confused myself. I can't decide which guitar to buy. LOL. I had trouble selling my amp but I finally got rid of it. You know how things are here in Pakistan.
    4. Encephalon5
      Go for it, man. Don't forget about Strapping Young Lad though.
    5. Encephalon5
      You are absolutely welcome, friend! Heavy Devy is one of my favorites.
    6. Ntbillie
      Yo brother,I'm Good mann. I'm saving up for a RGD7321 and Rg1527 Prestige. Planning to get the RGD early. I'm building my own studio nowadays. What about you? Any new gear? How's it going in Canada?
    7. AcousticMinja
      :lol: HURRAY! :hbang:
    8. AcousticMinja
      Yeah, they are gorgeous! Especially those Teye guitars. I'd love to own one of those. They're like art you can play! :lol:
    9. Alberto7
      Aaah no man, I ordered my Carvin while I was living in Spain, and then brought it with me when I moved back here.
      But where in Saudi do you live? There's a store here in Bahrain called "Room 2 Rock", and it's actually a very decent one. Maybe you could cross the causeway and check that place out. Let's hope you don't have to come back though!

      Here's a link to the store's website: Room 2 Rock - Products
      There's not a lot to see, really, and their pictures are really old, and the store has changed quite a bit (including their products), but you can check out which brands they distribute.
    10. Alberto7
      Thanks for the link, man. I appreciate it! :) I'll try to find the time to watch it as soon as possible haha I can't wait!
      And yeah, that's my DC727 :) She does happen to be an eye catcher! Thanks for the words!
    11. MaxOfMetal
      We've had a few "post random CL bullshit" threads and they all turn into shit fests. It seems our user base is just not adult enough at this time.
    12. atticmike
      answered your question on my classified.
    13. JaeSwift
      Hey mate,

      Not sure about the premium line either but it stands safe to say that Cort suffered some major reputation damage there so I'de think they would think twice before pulling that shit again in Indonesia or even in Korea again. Even then, I still stand by my original post when I say that I don't feel it is Ibanez's responsibility as they are just the contractors. The problem is they would lose an incredible amount of money (because Cort put out good products) by letting them go and having to find a new facility to contract for something that maybe 10% (and that would be a high ass number) of their customers are aware of.

      In a sence, if the customers, us, showed more responce to that, I believe more action would have been taken as again, money talks. By that logic it is actually more the fault of the customers than it is that of Ibanez; if no one cries wolf the sheep get eaten.
    14. highlordmugfug
      I like the choruses a lot, :lol: and the music is cool but the vocals sort of make it 'just okay' for me most of the time in the songs.

      I didn't really like Dream Theater or SYmphony X much either. :lol: @ the potboy: the final fantasy concept. That, I will have to check out. I"m sure one of my friends can find it somewhere... they're...
      and whatnot. :rofl:
    15. highlordmugfug
    16. Meatbucket
      Godin makes the fixed bridge and dual humbucker version, just no maple fretboard, or well I don't believe so. :o
      Godin Guitars
      Either way! +1 for Godin!
    17. Stealthdjentstic
      Thanks for the tips, I completly forgot about how regular fretboard maintenance would totally prevent you from keeping those on! Ill nab em anyways :D
    18. Stealthdjentstic
      Hey man, howd you end up liking that creative cut inlay?
    19. SenorDingDong
      Hey thanks man, although I have gone beyond it since then!
    20. HighGain510
      That sounds extremely accurate, actually. I've ordered some with jumbo and some with regular and found the regular were very comfy like a normal jumbo, maybe even a tiny bit smaller if anything. Their jumbos felt HUGE, more like XJ fretwire so I'm pretty sure they're right on that one. Having owned several with both kinds I find that I prefer their regular-sized wire. :agreed:
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