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  • Sure, ask whatever you want :) If you're going to refinish 2 guitars, you may want to consider an electric paint gun. It may cost the same as aerosol cans but you'll end up with a nice piece of equipment for yourself in the end.
    It sounds slightly familiar. Im only 15 minutes away from there so if you're ever playing around there most definitely lemme know about it
    baha nah it was accidental by the freakishly tall white guy that was there
    Haha my uncle was trashed that night end ended up with a gash on his forehead from walking straight into the pit. It was an interesting night
    Oh man we were definitely not on our A game that night haha I remember that one real well
    Yeah we hosted a free show at Kingdom back in April last year and have played there a couple times with Texas in July and Oceano
    we were I Prayed for an Afterlife. we're good buds with Immoralist, No Ordinary Family, Color Me Valiant etc.. most bands from that local scene
    Hi, in my NGD topic of that Schecter Avenger 7 you mentioned getting zebra pickups and I said an order would take ages (and it does). Well, long story short, you inspired me to go retail them myself, thanks! I once had to wait four months for some white evo's and green blazes. I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks it can be done better.
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