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  • Hey I saw your new Carvin. Looks great, I also so you have a blue ST. I've been wanting to build one with similar specs. You wouldn't happen to have any more pictures of it would you?
    Thanks. If you don't mind, post or drop me a quick note with a quick review after you've played them for a while.

    Have you tried Alaska picks?
    High-end PRS guitars are works of art. They are truly beautiful sounding and the attention to detail is breathtaking. Their mid-level stuff is similar to Gibson and can be hit or miss. We used to call those guitars Friday Afternoon Specials, because the guy working on that model wanted to get home for the weekend just like the rest of us.

    How do you like your Saxon cab? I am thinking about getting a dedicated 112 for recording at home with my Zvex Nano Head. I can cop these awesome Deep Purple and Michael Schenker tones out of it.
    Oh! :lol: I thought it was going to be some massive music festival! I'll have to check it out. I use a Mac, so I don't really have a way of staying up with the computer games.

    I was able to get a really good clearance price on my MFM2 a few months ago. Since Marty is no longer with Ibanez, I am guessing that a lot of places will be clearing them out. Of course, that won't help you with the 24 fret issue. I have enough problems sorting out 22. :ugh:
    I didn't wan to hijack the Megadeth thread, but What is Starcraft? Also, I am huge Marty fan as well. I have an Ibanez MFM2, but I'm searching for the MFM1. If you ever see one, let me know! Ha. Thanks.
    Sup Nick, I know I've talked with you before on another forum. Maybe Peavey's or Marshall's? My usual nick is "samikaze" but it's shortened to sami here.
    hey dude!
    iv'e also tried to contact christopher woods but no such luck yet.
    do you remember what his number was?
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