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  • Even though you are a senior, would you be interested in forming a guitar club at SMU? My friends just formed a firearms club and it seemed surprisingly easy to get a charter, so I thought I might have a go with guitar. You're the only person I know at SMU who's a guitarist, so..... :)

    I'm envisioning an annual shredfest
    Hey man...just letting you know my Internet crapped out...didn't mean to leave so phone doesnt support that chat so I'm just sending a message your way to let you know.
    Hey man! long time no see! Yeah I still have the mode four. Really like the speakers in the thing, sounds monstrous. The only I have I have a beef is that its heavy and the quality of the casters is poor (one of the casters plates plastic treads fucked up).

    It doesn't have its 'pretty' look anymore as there is a lot of wear and tear from loading and unloading. But you know what, its work horse!
    ha, whenever you want man! I got classes and I work on campus so I pretty much only go home to sleep. My hours are real flexible, so just tell me when you're free!
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