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  • hi, question for you. i saw that you posted that you had schematics for the dino jcm 800 metalhead mod. i own a moded 800. what would it cost me to get a schematic from you.
    Yo, sure you've seen this but in case not, FYI

    Rig-Talk • View topic - FS - Carvin Power Amps & 6-Space Rack Road Case
    hey dude was just revisiting my post about the GM2 and midi mate:

    was curious if you could help me a bit more. i just want to make sure i understand what you were explaining; that i would only be able to set a preset (an effect, factory or user) to buttons 0-4 and then 5-9 i can set paramaters per preset like bypass and tap tempo etc.

    i've done this now for preset 0 and successfully set tap tempo and bypass to that preset. but when i try to use the learn feature to set another preset (let's say a clean channel) to another channel like channel 1, it overwrites everything i set on channel 0.

    is there a setting maybe that i need to change to allow what i'm trying to do to happen? or am i misunderstanding how to use these two together maybe?

    any help would be great man this stuff if really confusing me.

    I'm sending you here so as not to derail the SEE announcement thread.

    Since you asked about using it to its full potential,I can tell how I personally use it:

    I'm a bit of a weird ass on my distorted presets ,as I cut almost completely the bass from the amp and really low values around 10% on the parametric EQ,and I focus my high end with an open weeper wah (the only one that does the job for me) at exactly 80%.Add to that I'm limited cause I own the HD300,and you got the reason why I grew so fond of these controls :lol:

    I generally keep the master control cranked,the sag at values above half for tight amps and below half for loose amps ,the bias almost always at high values,and the bias-x around 28% (or generally below half) if the amp model needs some fine-tuning ease on the high end (supposing I've already EQ'd the high end the best i could) ,or above half if i need it tighter on the high end.On cleans I do the same,except for I usually keep the sag low.
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