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  • Jammed with a really cool dude today named John snavely. When I said something about getting my most recent guitar from SSO. We were talking about the site, he eventually mentioned that he knew you personally haha, small world.
    I know you just bought that Carvin and probably haven't even played it yet.. but if you ever need to sell it, let me know..

    also.. how does the tung-oil feel on the koa neck?
    Would you trade your Garza possibly for my modded LTD FM 408? The FT/FS thread is on the front page of classifieds.
    Yo man! Take it you're heading to bloodstock in the UK next year then? We will have to catch up and grab a beer bro! :D
    Hi! :wavey:

    Can let me know what settings are on your ENGL for your UV777GR, Sanctuary videos? Sounds like you crank up the gain but still a lot of clarity there...
    Just discovered that you play in tribute bands for AIC, Soundgarden, and Temple of the Dog. Excellent stuff brother! Some of the greatest bands/music of all time! :metal:
    Hey - I just sent you an invoice for the shipping of the SeXXxiverse over to me... just lemme know when you wanna do it.

    saw your post about the green universe, i just came into one myself not too long ago
    i was wondering what did the restore job cost, mine is in somewhat good condition other than the belt rash and a lil ding the only Major thing is the pickup, it prob needs another dip in whatever they put on them
    thanks in advance
    dear shannon:

    that "you suck" "blow me" picture is awesome. cheers for the chuckle, its needed
    i saw that you play ESP and so i decided to drop a line. i have a m-307 and i have a h-307 coming in the mail.
    Hey Shannon! This is Lee from the FOF boards. Just stopping to say HI. My interest in 7 strings has perked up so I signed up here. I don't think we've met in person but I've seen your old band, End Theory, a couple times when I was living in the Seattle area. We're moving back at the end of Feb. I'll have to try to get out to catch one of your many projects.

    Take it easy,
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