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  • Thanks for the awesome cd! not even a single scratch or dent on anything! Happily listening to it right now
    Hi! You were kind enough to review my album a year or two ago on shred reviews (Mark Gibson, Edge of Nowhere). I'm working on a huge project at the moment, part of which is a piano concerto I've just finished recording. Anyway, please visit my Facebook page Mark Gibson | Facebook I need to build up an audience haha. My website is Home - Mark Gibson. I appreciate your support. Thanks! Mark
    That was aimed more at the thread starter than anyone else. :)

    Also, I hate WBC, but I understand that the best way to attack them is to turn your back to them. They are attention whore trolls, the less you acknowledge them, the less power they have.
    Ahh the glory days! :lol: It's just easier to type us by that because otherwise we would have a million kids on this forum going " BUT WHERE ARE THE DJENTZ?!?!?" :lol: Glad you liked it anyway dude :D, its something a bit different for this forum anyway haha
    It feels like that somedays :lol:.

    I've been doing well. :) Thanks for asking. I have just been really wanting to study and read which is quite wierd for me :lol: and recording a little bit here and there.
    Wait wut? I was sure i'd replied to your last message some 3 months ago! And here was me thinking you didn't love me! <3

    Fred hasn't bought a Carvin yet so i don't need to ask if you still have it! :p

    Hows shizzle now anyway me ol mucker?
    continued...(100 character limit??wtf?!?)

    Good to see you're still kicking anyway pal, I will try and stay in touch a little better mate, you actually sound a little better in yourself too mate (If you can sound any way whatsoever on a forum!) which I was hoping for pal, I must frequent this place a little more often, its sheer size is quite scary though! lol!
    Yeah man, gutted about Gary Moore, seems a dumb kiddie thing to say but the music and stuff was quite a big part of my life, thigs like the missus got me tickets for him one year before we were married and stuff, ah well
    Fred's a jammy bugger getting that endorsement, I picked a new Jaden S2 up the other day myself, 3 single coils! You know me, anything to be different, really like it actually, the strat has been firmly relegated since its arrival. funny when I was down that way I sam loads of signs for Bourne and thought, shit, havet spoke to Davey in a while but I guess you had a cull on the foruming, facebook etc, I was thinking you might have even abandoned this place! shoulda known better though ;-)
    do you think you would lose out on the Carvin then? I thought you would maybe do alright from it being as they put all their UK prices up? I think you would regret selling it mate but I'm the last person to preach about such things, when times are hard you make sacrifices, end of chat!
    Alright Dave, long time no speak mate. I see SR has gone to the netherworld, shame that mate.
    Hows things with you mate? You still got the Carvin? I thought Fred might have extracted that from you by now! He seems to be buying every other seven on the planet!
    hope you're well mate.

    Digital issues? Ah...I though it was like his ring or pinky.
    Anyway, he's defenitely a great player! What's your favorite record he's done?
    Well I'll be praying for healing for you then.

    Yeah, life is full of problems.

    Now correct me if I'm wrong doesn't Chris Poland have a problem with his pinky and can still play very well?
    Why not move some where else? Start over with a new life. motivate I would just listen to new music and what not. You could do anything you want if you set your mind to it. :) Your pinky I would try to restrengthen by hammer ons and what not if you could.
    Cool stuff dude, I thought you had a 7 string Carvin and I thought you were a very good player. I mean you were showing me Ron Jarzombek stuff on here one time.

    It came by me playing Power Chords on my first 7 string (Washburn WMG - 87).
    I thought I was bulding a muscle playing those chords and it turned out to be my wrist the next day I was in so much pain and ever since off and on. It happened about 2 years ago.
    I'm sorry to hear that. :(

    Be praying for you though. :)

    Hmmm...what type of guitar is it? Your carvin?

    Will you start the website back at all?

    I'm doing well. Dealing with tendinitis at the moment as far as music goes. Besides that passed all my last semester courses (hardest semester ever) and now easy going this semester. So that's my life at the moment.
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