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  • Slip of thought: some condensers have potential for batteries. This is mind, I can NOT suggest the AKG C1000 more. It is my all time favorite microphone because it does fucking EVERYTHING.
    If I'm not mistaken, the UX1 doesn't have phantom power, and this means you can NOT use condenser microphones with it. In which case I'd suggest the classic SM58, or a Beta 58a if you can and then later down the line invest in a good mic preamp.
    A condensor mic isn't actually a given. It really depends on what you have. What sort of mic pre do you have? Or are you going directly into an interface?
    Dual-post, knife edge systems move a lot easier than vintage, six screw style. Not to mention, Fender-style trems only dive, so typically they have a lot more spring tension as far as diving goes, so the effect is significantly reduced. There's still the potential on Fender-style systems though.
    What you're describing, the other strings lowering in pitch when bending one on a trem equipped guitar is totally normal, in fact it's simply physics that effects every single dive-capable, trem equipped guitar out there, regardless of setup. It's simply the trade off made when having a trem that's free to dive (which all trems are), from Bigsby and Fender units to Floyd Rose and Kahler, they all do it. There are some systems out there which help to minimize the effect such as the Ibanez ZPS and the Hipshot Tremsetter, but neither are perfect.
    Dan hasn't pinged me back on the last two emails I sent him but they were just "hey what's up!" kind of emails so there wasn't really any urgent need for him to do so, I figured he's just been busy which is probably the case. If you are serious about ordering one and have the money ready to go I'm sure he'll get back to you. :yesway: As far as mine, I paid almost 2 years ago at this point so it's not going to be accurate as his prices have changed and I paid when the USD was way above the Aussie dollar so with the exchange rate in my favor the price REALLY wouldn't match it with today's rates anyways. :lol:
    Well, the problem with giving pointers is that it is different for everyone. So I'll just go with what helped me!

    I seems to dip my head down, putting my chin closer to my throat. And something that is ABSOLUTELY KEY is to drop your jaw as much as you can to get that "br00tz" low. The taller an "O" you can make with your mouth (Or the more oval it becomes) the lower in pitch your growls will go. I know you've read this, but push push push. It requires a LOT of air, and it actually makes my fingers tingle from all the oxygen being moved around my body. Finally, don't be afraid of sounding like an idiot and holding back, or be afraid of fucking back. That will definitely slow your progress.
    a diagram or chart on how to string up a guitar the absolute best way possible would be amazing. never really learned the BEST way. always improvised.

    and when i set up my Floyd when i bend one string, the others go out of tune. Also It doesnt take a lot for the guitar itself to go out of tune even though i've set up the bridge flush with the body and locked down the nut. I see people abusing floyds all the time like Vai and they stay in near perfect tune afterwards. some help on this too would be great. I have an edge pro bridge. guitar is an ibanez rg1570.
    I don't mind at all. Ask away. :)

    EDIT: Just read the thread, where you were asking some questions. I don't have a very good diagram for stringing the tuners, but this is a decent one. If you need more clarification, let me know.

    it has to be wider range, cause we have wider spectrum of notes to cover from highs to bottom, has to be cleaner, cause we have a lot more overtones to control, that's main differences
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