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  • Have you ever listened to The Grays - Ro Sham Bo?

    It's the band of Jason Falkner who was in Jellyfish for Bellybutton and then left. I think you'd like it. Excellent power pop with a big beatles influence. Not as great as Jellyfish but definitely a great listen.
    Death metal eh? I knew youd fall for it! Now I know your taste in music so ill give you some songs that are a good entry for your liking's..Catchy in a way..Not as extreme as DM Gets ya know? pardon me im on cloud 9 so bare with me. Maybe hearing a few tunes off some albums will help you discover more stuff. And if they all suck just pretend and tell me "ya dude that shit was awesome"

    Pestilence- Twisted Truth, Personal Energy, Mind Reflections
    Nocturnus - Arctic Crypt, Climate Controller, Lake of Fire
    Obliveon - From This Day Forward, Frosted Avowals, Strays of the Soul
    Morbid Angel - Immortal Rites, Angel of disease, Hymn To A Gas Giant- Invocation of the Continual One, At One With Nothing, Fall From Grace
    Atheist - Unquestionable Presence, An Incarnations Dream, and anything off their album "Elements"...Like the song Mineral. :metal:

    Thats all for now bro
    haha, well it's not exactly work out music, but that rules either way :)
    well that would explain! Yes i still love my Simpsons!! shit I hope eveythings all right with that privacy issue man..
    Hey man, Check out my stephen gammell/ creepy art thread I made. I saw your tumblr you posted and You like similar artwork and a lot of it is pretty sick. Add some pics if you want!
    you had a string of sick "what I'm listening to now" posts and thought I should friend you, and then realized we are already friended :D
    Whats up dude. Ive been checking out some of your work and its great! And the tumbler site has so many creepy and artsy photos. Keep it up!!
    I found it to be a fitting death, since at the same time it allowed Mordred to establish himself as a "man" and operate on his own. He no longer needed Flagg and knew he would need food so he ate him.

    My main gripe was the adding in characters to get them out of situations
    Good stuff man, Im really diggin Heir Apparent! we have good taste in music! Another one I found is a band called Target, listen to the song, Master Project Genesis
    Whats up bro, Ive been searching for bands like toxik and shit and I came across a band called Sacrament and Believer - both good, but Believer can get really "out there" Listen to their songs, "Gone" and "Dementia" for Sacrament, the song "Testimony of Apocalypse" then then any others on that album. if this is old news ive wasted your time! lol
    Fuck yeah man, especially Anacrusis, they were so original! You ever listen to Nocturnus? its florida death metal but the two guitarists are unbelievably technical
    Yeah, I remember reading that part and somehow they're wounds are just magically better in the books. Granted, they aren't back to normal by any means as Roland is now officially short those two fingers he loses, but Eddie is somehow fine and it's never really explained. As far as I can recall, that's one of the few loose ends in the book.
    Thanks bro, Im in to all the Tech thrash like Realm, (old) Fates Warning, Coroner, Mekong Delta...good shit like that!
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