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  • Scotty doesn't need a shitload of messages to prove his superiority, you righty, non-Canuck newbs. He has fucking mad warp skills.
    We need to get you a Carvin that comes out right man! It's hard enough to find a good lefty bass, they should really help you out! :lol: However, when Carvin gets it right, they REALLY get it right! :wub:
    why are you up so late? i took a redbull at a bad time haha.. as if its almost 4AM

    hopefully aaron puts the Blaze 7 in tomorrow :). need to pick up strings in the afternoon, or i have a guitar w/ a new pickup and no strings to test with :lol:
    Ozzy left me a message, but it was offensive to lefties everywhere, so I deleted it :squint:
    you only have one visitor message? THE LEFTY ONLY HAS ONE VISITOR MESSAGE?

    :rofl: see, you should play like normal people! haha j/k dude.

    check your PM's..
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