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  • Hey I was searching for info on ERB's and came across some of your youtube videos. Can you give me some general knowledge on the super low contra bass notes? I remember you said your lowest note on your 12 sting C# registers at 6 hz and speakers can't move slow enough to make that note or something like that? I'm not really interested in going that low, I'm thinking around one octave lower than a standard 4 string E. As you can probably guess I'm trying to get a bass one octave lower than my 8 string guitar. I know you need a speaker that handles that low of frequency. I understand how you feel it more than you hear it. And you can do certain things to make it more heard than felt. I find if I crank up any EQ settings I have available I can get the low F# or F or E to be heard more instead of just being a low freq noise. Sorry if I sound like a noob or something but I'm new to this subject. I'm going to try learning about speakers that handle 20 hz now lol.
    Hey man I was just recently shown your material via your YouTube channel and its some real sweet and inspirational stuff. keep it up man!
    I realize I've seen you on YouTube before. I love what you do, man. Hopefully I can see it live some day
    well thanks for sharing what you've done so far, I'm "Kurt Omnium" on FB btw, so whenever you wanna hit up the burgh i'll make it happen
    dude, i love your bass playing, and the songs you've posted. are you actually going to have recorded material to enjoy in the near future? super excited to see you on here. take it easy
    It think it will take a little while to get used to. Part of the why I wanted such a long scale was because I really want to experiment with some harmonic access and some tone stuff. I think that I could really do some fun things with it this way. Also, the system will have a capo system that will be able to go up to the fifth fret on every string so that will help if there is any failing to the scale of it.
    Yeah man totally. Sometimes cheaper gear plays surprisingly great.

    I see you're replacing your 4 string with an 8?
    I'd love to get a 7 string bass tuned the same as my guitars so I could easily play the same parts. My friend has a 7 string made for him by a company called Roter (they have a bad name now though...few mess ups) and it's plays nice. Very comfy neck considering. I started off as a bass player but moved to guitar. Miss that low end though, hence starting to play 7 and 8 string guitars aha.

    Jean's Ken Lawrence bass is insane. Gorgeous, but insane.
    Sounds like a good approach to have man. :) A lot of ERB players I've seen seem to have got the basses purely for the sake of having lots of strings. You're automatically going to get more views on Youtube if you have some crazy custom boutique 14 string bass or something aha. The only ERB players I've been interested in (other than you) are Yves Carbonne, Jean Baudin and Eric Czar. Eric in particular writes some great material. Dances between genres a lot too.
    I actually just joined a band that isn;t too much hassle. :D

    ahhahha I feel you, people say the samething about my 7 string. BUt I can see how playing a 12 string can get a lot of people questioning your abilities to play a 4 string.

    Fuck man how do you get your fingers strong enough to do chords with one and scales with the other? XD I bearly just got into four finger tapping and here you are doing 10 finger shit on a 12 string :p

    Okay that video works now :D
    fucking insane shit man!! you should record that song on soundcloud!!!
    Thanks chap! I already subscribed to your Youtube, but now I have liked your Facebook page. I normally find solo extended range bass players to be kinda uninspiring, but I really like how you play. Very tasteful.
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