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  • Hey dude, did you kill your FB page? Just noticed you were missing the other day when I went to message you! :lol:
    I saw your username on instagram and totally remembered you from SSO! just want to say that and hi haha.
    Before Christmas I hope, something else popped up that I am saving for.
    Those are cool, they also are priced pretty well even with shipping/import.
    Yeah, I really like the Explorer copies and the Ultratones. Definitely want to try a LP model though.
    No, unless you find them used. Ikebe-Gakki sells to US customers and they will give you quote on shipping/import fees.

    イケベ楽器店Website | 検索çµæžœä¸€è¦§
    Yea man. I'm stoked. It's due in February. I told my girl that I hope it's twins so I could put together a baby metal band with them and the one we've already got :lol:

    That's awesome about your new house bro! Congrats yourself on that. I bet it rocks :hbang:
    I heard that man. Gotta pay the bills lol. I knocked out a transmission job for my uncle (or one of his friends rather) Friday and pretty much had the rest of the weekend free. It's pretty much been a late b-day celebration and me just sitting around getting a feel of this new 7 I got last week. Other than that it's been mentally and physically preparing for the coming of my baby.

    By the way, I remember you saying something about house hunting. How's the market these days? Finding anything good? Lol
    Hey man. I was wondering what you're gonna be up to this weekend and see if you wanted to meet up and bs sometime.
    There's a professor at Carey who does multiple international tours every year, and he got really sick, so he tasked me with taking care of a bunch of 50 year olds who had never left the country before haha.
    So during the day, I took them to wherever they wanted to go, and at night I did some exploring. I've been learning Norwegian ever since, can't wait to go back!
    Most beautiful country on earth!

    I'm going for Computer Science, hope to be done in a year or so.

    Dude, I love the Thunderhorse Explorer! And the Green PRS is pure sex.
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